Minor Traitstones in Legendary Tasks

I’m going to keep this simple: should we get rid of them here or keep them?

  • Keep Minor Traitstones
  • Ditch Minor Traitstones
  • Don’t care either way

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I mean, you all know what my opinion is. Legendary Tasks, basic traitstones…


Replace minors with some Runics, that’ll make me happy.


Pretty much this, yes.

I rather hope they would add the chance of getting 1 VIP key, and it is static at one. After all it is Legendary tasks. Also if minors traitstones were gone from legendary tasks there might have been a bigger % to get glory keys(which we really need) and glory. So generally everything would be better.

So much this. That change would make my day.

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Not against this, but not sure they could feasibly do that, no? I’m not a VIP so I can’t access VIP chests, but I do get the legendary tasks, so what would happen? I’m given a key I can’t use? If I get a key, does that make the VIP accessible to me as a non-VIP, where now I can dump gems into VIP chests I couldn’t otherwise access? Seems problematic to me. :confused:

But yeah. All for the removal of minors. Lord knows I don’t need anymore.

I am pretty sure that if VIP keys was available in the Legendary tasks that the devs would find a way to use those VIP keys for everyone, but one can still not buy them for Gems, unless one are VIP L5. There is at the moment a pack in the shop that gives 1 VIP key so I think that it might already in the code, but I doubt, maybe one needs to be VIP L5 to buy that pack.

I remember that in the update notes for 2.2 that they said that VIP keys would be available to buy for cash at any VIP level. I’m on PS4, so I don’t have access to that yet (I can’t even buy guild seals yet!), but from what I understand, the VIP keys would appear in your chest menu just like any other keys you get. You just wouldn’t be able to buy more for gems until you hit VIP 5.


Minor traitstones are stuff you can also get by opening golf chests.
Gold chests cost gold. Legendary tasks cost gold. See the connection?! I don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking pretty definitive so far. @Sirrian! Put this on your list please. I know you have one.

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Keep 'em. They ALWAYS have use.

Like some people have stated already, why can’t we have some type of trade in system? Give the ability to trade in so many minors for runics.

You should start a “replace them with” poll for the other traitstones. I’m 99% sure the reason why Minors are in the rewards is because high level players complained for ages about how hard it was to get minors. They listened, and everyone is reaping what they sowed. Giving them a clearly-favored alternative only helps with the decision.


Exactly. I’m not endgame yet, but when I saw the poll, I was thinking “wasn’t everyone complaining about not having enough minor reds not that long ago?” My guild does a legendary task or two a week, so it won’t make a lot of difference to me no matter what. I can still use any traitstone but majors, so wouldn’t turn my nose up at minors if they happen to come my way.

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For the longest time I didn’t have enough red minors, yet Legendary tasks rarely dropped any. Lots of other colors, but hardly ever red. However, since I got all the reds I need, suddenly red minors are dropped from tasks way more often. Can’t explain it, just pointing out that you can’t count on the tasks if you only need one color, as it may rarely or never come and the other colors you do get will feel like a waste.

As for the poll, I voted ditch minors simply because I don’t need them anymore, can’t speak for other people - they are welcome to come and vote themselves.

For the same reason, I don’t want the minors to be replaced by Runics - of those I had plenty extra, long before I had enough minors of any color. For me, seeing runics in legendary tasks will feel much more like a waste and will annoy me to no end. If they’re going to be removed, either just remove them or replace them by something that’s useful to anyone (such as the vip keys suggestion above).

Don’t VIP keys also have a high chance of giving you runics? Once you’re at end game, there is probably very little of guaranteed use to you.

To my knowledge, no. Gem keys are Runic and up, VIP keys are Arcane and up. But I never opened a VIP chest so anyone who did is welcome to correct.


You don’t get runics from a VIP key. You can get 2 arcanes, 2 epics, 1 legendary or 1 mythic. Along with one of those, you get 2000 gold.


Getting minors from legendary task is like getting a slap in the face. It’s not reward, it’s curse. We have more than enough gold keys from normal task to get minors. Remove it or replace it with something more valuable and useful. Did I hear someone suggested VIP keys? I wouldn’t mind. :wink:


Was nice to get red minors while I needed them though…