Minor and Major Trait Stone OVERLOAD!

I noticed that 2/3rd of the cards commin out of reg gold key pulls is Minor & Major Trait stones.
I have over 500 each. :frowning:
With the other 90% that comes with battles i think something is off with the distribution.

We need Finley right behind the desk here to give us some exchanges…!!!

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That looks normal for someone in the late game.

Yes might be normal mr @killerman3333, but it shouldn’t be. I cant use all those. More piling up as we speak.


I could use a few of those minor natures.

i could use all of them for my hero class.

I’m with ya @DEMONorANGEL, minors coming out of the wazoo.


show me how far you have progressed in the class levels. How many traits do you have.

To be honest I do not use my hero a whole lot, I think that I have one trait each for three classes.

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Im workin on my last 250 for my
Last hero class.
Ive traited almost all the good stuff.
What i was implying is the Ruinic and Arcane traitstones drop at about the right rate.
They just need to cut down the amount of minor and major dropped in the gold key chest,

I need those minors, they are a major reason for me to open gold chest to begin with.

It’s so nice of you to want a reduced rate of minors, ignoring the fact that so many of us are actually looking for more ways to get them. Who cares if you have too many? Does it hurt somewhere? At least be happy for the people who need them and can get them this way.

About majors I agree with you though. They are one of the least needed and most dropped stones, It’s likely most people have more than enough of them, compared to every other type of stone.


Totally read your name as DemonOrange… I was thinking that was a pretty cool name. :wink:


Totally agree with everything you said. I’m in exactly the same situation.


I could use about 100 minor red traitstones to fully trait out all my red commons. I have enough of every other part.

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look at my priest isn’t he amazing but he would be batter with a million light based trait stones.

I do believe they need to implement a crafting option to upgrade traitstones. I also have a ton even after training most of my cards past the first trait. But regardless I feel an upgrade or crafting option should be implemented with such low drop rates on arcades.

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