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Traitstone Fusing

Any else for ability to fuse traitstone to the next level? Live 10 minors for a Major. 10 Majors for a Runic. 20 Runics for Arcane (10 of each color). Celestial would be one of each Arcane Traitstone?

And the reverse, 1 major for 5 minor, etc…

If you get out the same amount the other way it should definetely cost a bit of gold to fuse, unsfuse it.

there are so many of this request in the forums that it might just happen. wonder of a mod/admin can fuse all these threads of this exact request together into one

I +1 this :smiley: hope it happens

Here is hoping this is a guild thing that the guild leader has to unlock for people using guild tokens tokens.
Then players can fuse until it locks again in say 1 week?

I have my doubts it’ll ever happen. If it does, it’ll not come in any form that lessens the grind in any way (unless another grind takes its place), so don’t get hopes up too high.

Yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Right now it’s basically the only thing keeping many end-gamers playing (and paying). All other resources are way easier to come by.

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My hopes are low but my spirit is high. With the gem fusing thing i just proposed, it would create a bigger grind for guild tokens.

I have an huge overabundance of Major Traitstones (about 900 of each), probably from opening so many glory chests. It’s to the point where I’m disappointed when I get them as rewards. But I still need every other type of stone, including minor. So I’d be in favor of a crafting system, or some other way of rebalancing the rewards.

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If we get a crafting system then hopefully we can craft and uncraft stones as well as fuse stones.

How bout just a converter that allows you to convert any other minor stone into a minor fire?

Nice Rincewind.

I would be ecstatic if I could just turn a major into a minor

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It’s a bit sad that I actually agree with this.