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Minor Traitstones bundle

Noob question. Last day to get the minor traitstones bundle, but not sure how useful they are later in the game. I’m at level 30, is it a good idea to get those now?

Minor traitstones and arcanes are the rarest 2 types of traitstones as far as their lack of abundance are concerned. Minor traitstones are the quickest depleted traitstones, so it is always good to have more of them.


20 of each stone for $15

$15 would get you 170 gems ($10 = 100, $20 = 240, average those for $15 = 170)

Man, if they put a Minor pack of 20 of each stone for 200 gems, I would spend every last gem I had on it!!

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I’d spend a lot of gems for minor reds but not for much else. Could farm explore but really can’t be bothered! Haha

According to the ToDo Monitor in order to fully trait all remaining troops the minors I need:
Blue - 260
Green - 834
Red - 1768
Yellow - 518
Purple - 918
Brown - 938

Realistically though all I need is enough to 5* my remaining kingdoms, which would be

Blue minor - 60
Red minor - 340
Yellow minor - 76
Mixed Arcanes - 38

Kinda sad that the scarcest resource is red minors. Maybe if we somehow convinced all the players to put Pridelands (or at least a Red/Other kingdom) as their home we’d all win!

I have all kingdoms maxed except for Adana. Why? Minor reds. :frowning:

I need a 300 glory red troop as an event week. I would drop so much glory on that. Even 400 would be decent enough. xD

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I’ve picked up quite a few bundles for the minors myself

Personally I wouldnt buy it - and I dont understand how you are short on minors… I got more than I could possibly use, cause I’d be short on runics if I wanted to.


I’d trade them with you if we could ^^