Bets on the arcane traitstone pack in shop


The game failed to surprise me, first week we had minor stones in shop, then majors, I expected to continue the trend with runics and arcanes on following week. The runics are up now (though with incorrect bundle name).

What do you think the next week’s pack will be like? Will it have small amount of all arcanes? Or just a handful of types (like 1 color fixed)? And the other families on following weeks? Just 1 type? With how many specimens and price?

Or arcanes to dodge blatant ripoff accusations?


I believe they will only have minor (common) through runic (ultra-rare). Based on every single bundle ever offered in this game since 1.0.8, they all have a max of 6 unique resources/items. Arcane and celestial can just be bought with other money packs. Since those lower 3 are the only traitstones with 6 total, they will likely stop it at runic.

The main way of obtaining arcane traitstones seems to be for the biggest glory prize each week. Event keys and VIP chests are the only semi-consistent way of getting celestial stones, but I have such an excess of those from glory keys and battles alone.


Ooh I’d missed your cheery positivity about the game and its developers, @pasa :slightly_smiling:


They could be split up into different packs by color. For example, red pack: