Thank you Devs for the Arcane Stones


So I noticed this week’s Glory Pack also includes 2 Arcane Blade Trait Stones.
Just giving a big Thank You shoutout for this, since the two stones were exactly what I needed to get all 3 traits for my Celestia.

Honestly, I hope this becomes a standard convention too. The Arcane Stones are too hard to target and to farm for. But I think the players would appreciate it very much if we have the option to get limited amount through the weekly glory packs. Even though we might have to wait a few weeks/months for the ones we need, but at least we know we won’t be forced to pay for the stones we want.

Thanx again!


The Glory Pack of 2 weeks ago did also contain Arcane Stones, so it is safe to say that is a standard.


Every other week seems like the reward for new troops will be:

  • 1 troop
  • 5,000 gold
  • 10 gold keys
  • 2 glory keys
  • 2 epic traitones applicable to troop or kingdom that it is from
  • 4 common traitstones

If every weapon week is like it was last week, there will never be a need to get more than one weapon. Its better just to save glory to buy 16 event troops.


Maybe on weapon weeks have the glory package also contain a small collection of Runic and/or Arcane stones that correspond to the color(s) of the weapon? I know we don’t use traits on weapons (yet) but perhaps it may be a little more incentive to buy more than one.