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Upcoming Weekly Glory Reward

I’m only guessing that with Rakshanin about to drop from the Glory rewards this week, that the Arcane Mountain that comes with the purchase will be 300 Glory each.
With 32 Arcanes needed for Great Maw and Gorgotha alone (almost 10k worth of Glory), I’m hoping that the troop miraculously turns epic within the next ten hours :pensive:

Edit: failing to mention here the other nine troops that will be needing this Arcane also :smile:

Yep it’s bad luck that this coming troop is Ultra-Rare. Nobody loves those bundles with only 1 arcane :slight_smile:

Still waiting to see a Common in the bundles as we were promised.

P.S. the troop is from Pridelands

it’s 2-edged
I also hate buying more than enough troops to make it mythic. If it’s mythic already, what could I need more for?

But yeah, epic seems most cost effective

Why, a potential Celestial tier, of course!

Damn, i was pretty sure it was gonna be an epic, as every one week should be epic week, while every other one would be either legendary, ultra rare or weapon week.
Last week it was a legendary :frowning:
Well, luckily I should reach 9k6 glory this week to trait Gorgotha and Great Maw… But I’ll be ruined for next week ! Hopefully, I’m not interested in next week’s troop or arcane :v

You will have seven or so hours between when Sirrian announces next week’s event and when it actually begins. No need to ruin yourself for next week until you know you don’t care about the troop. (Said troop, by the way, will probably be epic or legendary if rumors are true. We may need to be stockpiling glory like mad this week.)

Next week should be an epic from Sword’s Edge.

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Well that depends, how’s the likelihood of Arcane Blood sound? :3

Right, it can change… I guess I’ll just wait next week’s troop anouncement to be sure I want to spend those extra glory points on Mountain arcanes :stuck_out_tongue:

Those rumours about next week troops… confirmation please. It can’t be that a couple know already the troops in advance while the majority doesn’t. We have to make a decision about spending Glory or not. That decision should be equal for everybody.

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That information Is pulled from the local files on steam. The devs do not confirm or deny it and all of the information is subject to (and has in the past) change. Including rarity and mana.

I don’t use Steam.

I agree, and as a Regular, you should know that @Lyya has some kind of work underway. I was planning (and might still do it eventually) to do the same kind of app he is doing, but I primarily envisionned it as a way to be able to browse through available informations about new troops in particular.
So far, Lyya has hidden them, but I talked with him, and he told me he might come up with something to include to-be-released troops in a separate tab so people who don’t want to be spoiled wouldn’t find them by accident.

I only use mobile as well. But I have a copy on my computer for when I want to go snooping. Unless you have a jail broken phone you will not be able to view the game files on mobile.

On the other hand, if you’re a regular (not necessarily a Regular) on the forums, you can probably figure out what is coming in the next few weeks. Because the game files are out in the open, these secrets are poorly kept.

“Her!” :slight_smile:


Must say I had a doubt ^^'
Glad to see there are some fine IT girls around :stuck_out_tongue:

Not just IT girls if you know what i mean.

@Tacet, do you know colors for the next couple of weeks? I was so excited when you mentioned a Brown/Yellow was coming then saw the Ultra-Rare.

Next week is epic, red/blue, Sword’s Edge.

It may change the day of, but it is likely it won’t be ultra rare due to how cheap Sword Edge’s troops are in rarity.