Same arcane traitstone two weeks in a row? Disappointing!

…to be kind.

Not only that, but the second week we get two for 400 rather than 300 each–a great time to load up on arcane blades. Oops! I have no glory left. I blew it all last week at the higher cost.

It’s great actually. 2 weeks ago I still needed over 70 arcane blades, now that number is reduced to less than 20, with another arcane blade event coming in a few weeks, so I should be able to get enough arcane blades to fully trait all my troops that need arcane blades then. :slight_smile:


Well, the devs said a couple of times they don’t put Arcanes/troops in the packs based on what colours were recently available, only on what suits the troop concept. I have a spoiler for you though - there’s another Yeelow/Blue troop planned in 2 weeks. If you’re interested in such spoilers and/or would like to plan your purchases, here is a good place to look. Be warned though: all data is subject to change without notice - and such changes already happened a couple of times right before release.


Its actually the opposite for me, since both instances occurred concurrent to massive event-key dumps that got the associated glory pack troops up to mythic just incidentally. I’d rather not buy troops I don’t need just to get traitstones slightly quicker, but these two new troops will put me at another 15 blade arcane deficit. I’ll probably buy a few extra just so they don’t ever reach blade arcane level of drought for me (111 arcane deficit) just in case the upcoming colors change due to complaints like this one, but I hope they don’t.

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You’re on the forum, there’s a spoiler thread.

I realize it’s not ideal but you could have planned ahead like many of us did.


Oh. So the collected wisdom of the group from Intelligence Department 10 is:

  1. I’m a complainer and my complaint could cause negative repercussions
  2. Bad? Heck no, it’s great and I’m without a clue
  3. The game designers said they would do this and they did so what’s my beef?
  4. The information was out there. I should have found it.
  5. I should be able to plan things I have no knowledge about

Well. Thank you very much for your not so helpful replies (except you @GemsCollector. I did not know about the spoiler thread and that is helpful information.)

I moved out of the basement years ago. I still like to game, but hard core I am not. I do not live on the forums and there is much that goes on in the GOW world that I do not know about. Not only do I not know, I don’t even know what questions to ask. That is called ignorant, but I am not ignorant the way you think I am or the way I think you are (just addressing the Department 10 technicians here.)

Bottom line is I don’t care what you guys think anyway. This situation frustrated me and my post was to lest the developers know. There is no reason they can’t spread the arcanes around. They just gave us a new kingdom. There were many options for that eighth troop.

I, like many, pick up most of my arcane traitstones from the glory troop. I had the reasonable expectation that the colors be somewhat randomly scattered about. I should not have to scour an online website to discover that this is not so and to ensure I am forewarned about upcoming events I may find to be “disappointing.”

Medium rare.

i remmember we brought the subject of too repetitive colors in glory bundles in the past and devs said they will take that in consideration, but they also said their priority is in the troop and kingdom balance so they cant mess with the colors too much (plus release schedules are probably elastic only to some point)

i knew about the spoiler thread so i planned ahead and im actually glad it happened however i dont wanna see blue/yellow bundle anymore for a while now

im sorry that you suffered in the process but to me - in comparison to what was happening with blue/purple bundles a while ago this is nothing bad yet


The spoiler thread isn’t hard to find, it’s generally in the top 50 list every day (although it gets harder to find as we get further into the week).

Your original post was hostile and snarky. I have no idea why you’re surprised that you were greeted with the types of responses you got.

You followed up with being even more condescending. Maybe you should change “IronyMan” to “AngryMan”.

Why yes, I was frustrated and disappointed. I look forward to the new week as an opportunity to both level a kingdom one more star and to gain some new and needed arcane traitstones. I had just spent a lot of glory buying clockwork knights I really didn’t want to get some arcade blades, only to see the blades show up again at the discount cost.

If you don’t play 15 hours a day, glory is hard to come by. I was not happy and I wanted someone to know. Unfortunately, my greatest offense appears to be that I rehashed an issue the rest of you had come to terms with some time ago. My second offense was my being unaware of a spoiler thread that would have let me know what was coming. Both of which opened me up to patronizing responses and snide comments. Which, according to you, is okay.

I’ll accept that my original post was “angry and sarcastic,” but “hostile and snarky” is an exaggerated attempt to make it sound as inflammatory as possible. What you failed to even acknowledge was that it was also spot-on and reflected the same feelings many players have had.

For all your attempts to be the post policeman, you don’t appear to be too perceptive. Maybe you should change “htismage” to “htisignoramus.”

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This was not originally intended, as the new kingdom (and hence this event) were delayed several weeks due to the 3.0 update (which was necessary for the storm mechanic shared by Suncrest and Guild Wars troops).


Also, as it currently stands which is subject to change without notice, repeated stones will happen again in July.

It sucks that you didn’t know, but at least now you’re aware of spoilers for the future. But personally I love having double traitstones immediately after the bombot week. I have more glory than normal and they’re cheaper than normal, so it’s like a bonus on a bonus.

And for the original poster @IronyMan, I’d also suggest joining an active guild, since they can help remind you. I know in the guild I’m part of there are some who never visit the forums. However, everybody gets regularly reminded at the start of each week about any helpful tips or news, so that not everybody has to be searching the forums. Good luck in the future!