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Glory for Arcanes? I need your opinion!

So, I had heard that in the next couple of weeks we are cycling through almost every Arcane traitstone in the Glory shop. In anticipation of this, I had made up my mind to spend some of my Glory stockpile to trait out ALL of my troops!

I fully traited every troop that used the stones from last week, and bought myself a store of 24 just in case… and those were used on Magnus today!

I am working on buying Darks, but I seem to have a lot of troops needing Darks…

Anyway, I was just curious if anybody else was doing this along with me.

I only have 100k Glory… I wonder if I can trait all my troops…

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So… I did the math and I need to drop 20k glory to buy all the Darks I need!!!

Help me decide:
Should I invest the 20k to purchase the Darkstones?

  • Yes
  • No

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Honestly, you have a 100k, i don’t get the problem here. Of course you can keep saving glory for the heck of it, but what is the dilemma here?


This month is appearing unstable and with their plans to release more new troops, I’m skeptical that 100k will last.

There will be more opportunities to get Arcane Dark traitstones later.

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If you don’t want to spend 20% of your actual reserve you could opt to use at least 10K+ to trait what could be more useful in some builds or simply the troops that will require more Arcanes like Epics and above. Leaving the cheapest troops to trait means that if you eventually need to use those you can farm the few Arcanes needed without much trouble. Also you might even drop one Arcane Dark here and there in keys or PVP.

This way you’ll leave some glory for a pack with double Arcanes that might come in the near future and finish all your troops with some extra Arcanes to spare.


Thanks for the opinions!
@Ivar that is close to what I was thinking of doing so, I will start there.


100k in the bank, but how much more will you generate over the next 3 months? Probably a lot. I wouldn’t hesitate to spend glory if I were you. What else are you going to do with it?

I guess the one thing might be if there is an epic coming up with darks That could help you stretch it a little further.


@efh313 you left MM and thus did not reap our benefits…:wink:


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I’ve never actually checked but I figure I generate around 3-5k every week. So a reasonable estimate would be, figuring at 4K, 48k in 3 months…

Were your LTs dropping crazy Arcanes every week?

Or is that just indicative of your personal work grinding for stones and your trying to make me feel bad for leaving MM? :cry:


You figured me out.

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You know I’m a Meanie for life! :heart:

Now I’m just a Mean Druid! :joy:

I’ve been frugal with purchasing extra packs for the arcanes for the past… I’d say almost a year now. I’m still getting more Arcanes total than I am spending without resorting to explore at all (except a few events that needed it, which were for stones I already had 50+ more than what I needed). I coasted across the finish line from deficits of 60+ arcanes at some point, and the only time I ever overspent was on Arcane Blood, and only a little. We may be getting troops at an accelerated pace again soon, but who knows how many will come outside of glory packs thus increasing the amount needed without giving you more. Keep in mind that random arcanes also come from keys, especially VIP keys, so mythic hunts tend to give a glut.

I’d stop at the requisite copies of Sister of Shadows at mythic +4, if you haven’t gotten it already from hunting Magnus. If you have something you really want to trait, get enough for that. Or get one extra “set” of 16 Arcane Dark, and decide what to trait later. Spending 300 per stone for pretty much only the stone is just not efficient in the long run, so I’d only do this if you need to overcome a massive short term bottleneck. If you run into scarcity on both glory and arcanes, it is on average faster to farm a given amount of arcane than a given multiple of 300 glory. If you are going above what you need for the troop just for the arcane, you’ll get far more out of your stash if you spend on weeks where you can get 2 stones for 400.

As for 100k being enough “extra” to trait what you are missing if you spend all out on each one through the next several months, it depends on how many more you needed, how much glory you get per week, and how much you need to spend to cover just what enters the game on a given week. When I checked how many total Arcane stones were needed about a month ago, it was 4178. Assuming you need roughly the same amount of other stones as you need Dark aside from single color (so ~66 arcanes on 14 color combos, not counting Skull) and you earn about 10k glory per week (high kingdom stars, hourly collector) and that a third or less of the packs offered are Epics. This would be 2400 cost to trait the troop, 400 for 2, 66 extra arcanes, so minus 5.6k glory on these weeks, and others need 600-900 to cover the troop and 300 for one arcane times 66, so minus ~10.6-10.9k glory on the rest. In this (very) rough estimate you’d run into scarcity in about 11 weeks and fall short, but that is also making some pretty big assumptions like only having an average of one pack per week except for commons, how much glory you are earning which varies wildly from person to person, and how many arcanes you need which I doubt is anywhere close to accurate. You’d have to tailor that depending on what you have and what you earn. Keep in mind if you have to farm glory at any point to keep up, it was probably faster just farming the arcanes themselves, but if you hate explore, its still a no-brainer - just buy a bit less of every pack so you can make it through the full rotation.

tl;dr: I’d do it only if you need a disproportionate amount of Dark. Otherwise, spend some extra to try and even out the numbers and get some buffer, but don’t trait the troops unless you need them (either for significant star levels or to use). If you are dead set on finishing your arcanes this way (eg., you hate explore), focus on Epic glory packs when the are 2 for 400 and try to stretch your stash over the full rotation.


I personally always decide on how many Arcanes I buy by looking at the location I can get them from. As I refuse to explore in Mist of Scales, I buy all Arcane Bloods my glory can buy. Arcane Blade? Those are so easy to farm I only buy the pack for the troop.
Arcane Dark I find personally pretty okay to grind for; I’ve done so excessively in the past because so many troops need them, but the explore battles aren’t slow or annoying, so I only buy my weekly 16 packs for the troop and am done with them.

Basically, if the explore region(s) of the Arcane have
a) a background horrible for my eyes
b) enemies capable of using submerge
c) many enemy groups with so many HP that Sunbird has issues
d) enemies that start with full Mana
e) enemies that summon a troop upon death
f) enemies that web or drain Mana
THEN I buy the arcanes. There’s a few of those locations (like Blighted Lands, which meets almost all of those) which can thankfully be avoided by having a secondary location, but I absolutely want to dodge Mist of Scales, Stormheim, Adana/Dragon’s Claw and some others, if possible, by buying Arcanes.

I’m almost done. All red/brown red/purple brown/yellow red/green are done, off the top of my head. At the moment I’m currently sitting on 162k glory with around 20 troops to trait with a reasonable amount of arcanes already. Hopefully in a month I’ll be there. Its a good idea imo.
Added blue/green done too.

Looks like I’m not far off but will wait for more stones before finishing off the rest.


One other issue: how are you set for Celestials? Depending on your playstyle, purchasing massive amounts of arcanes for glory could leave you short of Celestials, while farming Arcanes in explore will tend to over-farm Celestials. I’m nearly done traiting all my troops now, and have been able to start crafting arcanes with my excess.


This is so pretty.