Make old troops available for glory

According to the spoilers Arcane Blood, Spirit, Mountain, Shield, Beast, Dark and more won’t be available for glory for a couple of months but there are troops coming up that need them. On weeks like this week and next week when only one new troop is added can we please have an old troop available for glory that uses Arcanes that won’t be available for a while.


Where do I sign up??


This would be cool but i doubt it would happen. How ever devs said we will be getting some crafting system further down the road (i assume next patch?). So that may help with traitstones? I dont know what will be craftable tho.


Also another example: i have 166 more traits to unlock (here i counted the droops i dont have - mythics and guild wars troop. I could unlock traits on some of those i just dont have them). Out of those 166 traits, 20(!!!) Are blue/red traits.
There is crazy amount of that arcane needed!


Given that weapons used to be sold for glory and are now sold for hard cash, I also doubt this will happen. Devs have stated - I believe - that they don’t factor in trait stone purchasing when setting the release schedule.

If traitstones are craftable that would be good enough for me but from the way Sirrian was talking in an old thread I got the impression it was mainly for troops.

If I remember correctly that was back when there was 2 new troops every week.