Arcane and Celestial Drops from Battles?


Was anyone lucky enough to get an Arcane or even Celestial Traitstone from a battle? I’ve got serveral Runics already and just want a confirm that they indeed drop from battles.


I had a Celestial the other day and an Arcane not 20 minutes ago. They’re quite rare though.


I’ve got skeleton arcane.


News just in: My friend got an Arcane Deep Traitstone just a minute ago. :laughing:


I got a Celestial drop from an arena battle a few minutes ago.


Every trait stone can drop from pvp, but of course the rarer the trait stone the less often it will drop in comparison to lesser ones.


I just received an Arcane Vemon from a PvP drop.


I recently got an Aracane Venom Traitstone from a glory chest. Sadly forgot to take a screenshot.


Ought to be marking these things on my calendar. ‘Today I got An Arcane Summer Traitstone.’ Five days later …


Except for majors; they are more common than minors. :confused:


They’re actually not! We just need more Minors than Majors. AND, guild tasks give us Glory Keys; Glory Keys will give us Major or higher traitstones; guild tasks are the bulk of most peoples’ keys.


I was referring specifically to drops after matches. I seem to be getting slightly more majors than I am minors.


I’ll have to do some experiments on this…


Just received a Celestial from a PvP drop!


I just played through the Sword’s Edge quest line and maxed its challenges. I think it was 19 battles for the quest and another 35 for the challenges (of course), total 54. I got the following traitstones:

Minor Water - 10
Minor Wind - 12
Major Water - 3
Major Wind - 6
Runic Water - 2
Runic Wind - 4
Arcane Blade (Blue/Yellow) - 1

That looks like the drop rate is proportional to their value to me…

This also confirms what has been said in passing: the traitstone drops are 100% tied to the place you fight, so you can set your home kingdom to increase your drop rate of something slightly by defending there all the time. Accordingly, Sword’s Edge is the only kingdom in which you will ever find an Arcane Blade Traitstone.

Oh. And I didn’t know Tau was such a stupid git either. Least empathy out of all quest characters so far!

Why We Have So Many 'Major Traitstones' - EXPLAINED

That’s good to know! Now I know why I’m swimming in Earth Stones, Khaziel is my Home Kingdom and I was farming the Miner challenge a bit to get more souls. I really need more wind stones (and fire stones to a lesser extent) so it looks like I’ll set my Home Kingdom to one that has Yellow/Red. The Lore section dictates which stones will drop, correct?


The lore is not a representation of that, unfortunately. I just looked everywhere and couldn’t actually find anything in game that provides accurate data on that - closest is to figure out which banner is which… no, someone made THIS helpful detailed map thing.

Short version, you’re looking for Adana.


So basically what the Kingdom colors were pre 1.07? That makes sense.


You’ve got it. It used to list the mana bonuses for the kingdom, which are now tied to the kingdoms’ respective banners. Which currently are not labeled as ‘Adana’s Banner’ etc.


Yeah, that map is fantastic. We need to make a list of which Arcane Stones come from which Kingdom and which cards use which Arcane Stones