Which Traitstones do you need the most right now?

Most people have sounded out about Arcane Traitstones being the hardest to get right now. Though I can definitely see that being an issue in the future, I’m actually suffering from the more immediate problem of running low on Minor while having hundreds of Majors sitting around.

What about you guys? How long before you eventually had enough Minors to not have to worry about that any more? Are Arcanes really the most desirable at this point?

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For me it’s simple: I’m short on everything except major traitstones and celestial traitstones. Though I expect I am not short on celestial traitstones because I have not yet been in a position to use any of them.

Runic traitstones are a bit of an issue for me but the biggest shortages are minor traitstones and the arcane traitstones types that have not yet been in the glory packs.

I have issue on Runic and Minor. Especially Runic

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Nothing MATCHES. I have 270 going on 300 Minor Blues. ONE Runic Blue, so I can’t use the Minors. 30 or something Blue/Yellow Arcanes, which I also can’t use.

Decent amount of Minor Browns, not enough Runics for them either. 20 or 21 Brown/Yellow Arcanes again.

Not enough Red, Yellow (before yesterday) or Green Minors. Guess which Runics I have mountains of? Yeah, all of those colors…

I can do mono purple troops just fine though. Yay.

Arcane Traitstones in general are hard to get of course, outside events.

AND… I don’t anybody has less than 100-200 spare Majors in each color.


Lucky you. I’m running pretty low on Purple -_-

My problem in upgrading nearly everything is I either have too many minors and not enough runics, an abundance of runics with no minors, or of course I am missing the elusive Arcanes. I don’t mind the current system too much though. In about 3 months or so, I, and assumibly many other long time players, will have nearly everything maxed in regard to traits. (Unless hero gets traitstone related traits linked to weapons, then GG 120+ weapons. xD)

The main issue with weird abundances is linked to many peoples’ primary key being the glory key from guilds as well as the amount of ever color within the same rarity varies in how many are needed in the game.

The best way to fix the minor problem is to set your kingdom to 1-2 colors that your are missing. The best way to fix the runic problem is hope you get lucky on 50 gem chests (about 1-4 runics of the color you need).

In terms of looking for traits to actually play with, I am only really looking for spirit…in terms of general leveling and getting 5-stars I need so much of everything that it gets a massive shrug and a meh. With the exception of the three 7 troop kingdoms I will be able to get all three stars relatively easy, just need to soul farm.

NOT Majors…

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I just ignore traits, so I have no idea :wink:

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Minor and Runic mostly which also has to do with not yet needing many arcane and/or celestials. Once arcane are needed those I expect to be in low supply too. Major is indeed the only one I don’t have to worry about really

Mostly runic and arcanes.
In particular, I’m starving for Purple/Blue ; Blue/Green and Green / Red Arcanes
For Runics, I’m constantly between 0 and 10 of each, using as soon as I can upgrade some units I find interesting…

Arcanes… I played hundreds (thousands?) of booooooring challenges to get enough lava and mountain arcane trait stonea and raise Khaziel to 5 starts!

I started harvesting stones for Stormheim, but had to stop in order to get enough honor for all the new troops that keeps popping every week…

Minor and Runic by far. I guess I will need Arcanes any time soon but Celestials not really.

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We really need a way to convert the types.

3 minor -> 1 major
3 major -> 1 runic
2 runics (one of each color) -> 1 arcane
3 arcane -> 1 celestial


I’d be more interested in some way to convert major to minor actually. My situation isn’t as “bad” as the picture you posted but I am constantly out of minor traitstones while I have triple digits of major traitstones…


I would prefer to see some kind of discard system separate from disenchant. In the system, all cards and traitstones could be scrapped into this new currency. This currency would be able to buy any traitstone and card in the game, with higher rarities of course having a steep price to preserve their rarity. Aside from the major traitstone problem, I am starting to accumulate 10+ of epics and legends already max ascended, yet still only have 1 of some legends.


I like that idea and I think many other people would like to as so many of us are accumuling big piles of “extra” mythics.

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I could see:

2x same troop -> 1x random traitstone of that rarity (common to minor, legend to celestial)
2x same traitstone -> 1x random troop of that rarity (minor to common, celestial to legend)

That sounds awful. Troops are so easy to get that it would highly devalue the traitstones. In fact if that would be the conversion, instead of x2, it should be at least x50.

Well, any given key either gives a Troop or a Traitstone (or a small chance at glory/gold/gems), so I put them on fairly even ground as value. And while Troops are more likely from any given key, you also get a Traitstone from 80% of battles.

Figure 5 PVP fights. You’re like to get 4 traitstones from wins and 25 gold keys from earnings (highly variable based on opponents, difficulty, armor, etc, but 1500 per win seems fair), which would give roughly 18 troops, 6 stones, 1 other. So that is 18 troops and 10 stones. Not even frequency, but certainly not 50:1

So maybe 3x troop per 1x random stone, and 1x stone for 1x random troop.