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List of In-Game Store Packs - Assistance required

So I’m currently working on some economy breakdown/analysis however I haven’t been in the game long enough to know what packs are available in the store in regards to the ones that regularly rotate. I think the only ones that rotate with any consistency are the traitstone ones? Eg at the moment it’s a Minor Traitstone pack, while last week it was a Runic one.

Does anyone know the price and contents of the packs that are not the Minor Traitstone one? I didn’t look at the Runic one last week well enough to remember what was in it exactly and what the price was.

Looking specifically for:
Pack Name
Price (in your local currency is fine)
Contents (items names and amounts)
Price of the current Minor Traitstone pack (if your local currency is anything other than JPY, which I’m assuming is most people) as this will help me with currency and pricing reference.

Minor Traitstones
1,840 yen
20 x Minor Water
20 x Minor Nature
20 x Minor Fire
20 x Minor Wind
20 x Minor Magic
20 x Minor Earth

Current Minor Traitstone pack price: 1,840 yen (yeah this is the same, but you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue: )

At this point in time I’m not looking at the ones that contain cards as they usually don’t come back with any regularity that I’m aware of. Anyone able to help out?


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Minor is $15 US
Runic was $25 US (10 of each runic)

The week before was Arcane bundle $35 US contains 6 of each type of arcane traitstone for that weeks color which was blue (so 6 traitstones each of each color combination (including the solo color))
As well as
A bundle containing 10 runic, 20 major and 30 minor stones of the same color (I believe it was $25 US but I’m fuzzy on that one)

That’s as far back as I can remember, I think there is also occasionally a major bundle containing 15 of each major I don’t remember the price

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Thanks for that!

Just to check, for the Arcane bundle is it 6 Blue/Blue, 6 Blue/Red, 6 Blue/Green, 6 Blue/Yellow, 6 Blue/Purple and 6 Blue/Brown Arcane Traitstones?

Yes, it was.


Hello. This thread seems a good place to ask my question on store items. Apologies to you, @Ozball, if you feel I am hijacking it.

The Fiery Claw is now selling in the store for $50 U.S. currency, but I already have that weapon from magic masteries. It’s in a pack with traitstones I would like to have. If I purchase the pack, will something else be substituted for the weapon (some other weapon or traitstones, souls) or will I end up with two of the same weapon, or will I just lose part of the value of the pack because no weapon will be given and I’ll still be paying the full price? I’ve never seen two of the same weapon in the game.

Hi PlayerDaniels,

You won’t receive a second weapon if you already have one. And nothing will be substituted for it.

With packs like this, we usually try to give away a bunch of resources worth the value of the pack (usually a bit more), and then add the troop card & weapon as a bonus item.

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