Thanks to all who contribute to the GOW community


Hi to all GoW players and developers,

I am in a thankful mood and I want to thank all who somehow contribute to this great game. All of us who support the game either with money through in-game payments or valuable discussions on the forum or those who spread the fame of GoW on the internet deserve thanks. I am not able to mention everyone but I also wanted to highlight some of us who in my eyes shine as the ambassador of this community. Mainly because this game shouldn’t be only about ranks and gaining of trophies. It should be about fun.

@MrSammy - thanks for the wiki.

@Archenassa - thanks for the guides.

@KAYA43V3R - thanks for guides and for great graphic summaries for example:

@Tacet - thanks for valuable advices on the forum and for starting with the videos.

@actreal - thanks for valuable contributions on the forum, for the work you are doing on wiki page and for the spreadsheet:

@turintuor - thanks for the application you have made. It helps me a lot.

@Zelfore - thanks for your work on wiki and contribution on the forum
@Shimrra - thanks for your contribution on the forum


Thank you too! :slight_smile:

And the entire community.


Right, so I am not sulking… not sulking at all… just gotta go find a cat to kick… or a furry…


Don’t worry i make an excellent punching bag.


I’ll offer you congratulations, you’re the #2 user on the board, congrats! I’ll congrats myself while in at it for being #6. Congrats!


You’re welcome.

Sorry, no time for a speech.



There are board rankings? Where?



I believe he’s referring to the overall :heart: received:


Oh cool, I am 3rd. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! :smiley:
(Tries getting a few more likes to get 2nd)


Oh, fascinating! I had no idea this existed.

For the record, you’re #1 for the month @Tacet :grin:


Neither did I. I knew the weekly thing existed, but I didn’t realize it had a list of different time frames.


And knowing is half the battle!



The Likes sorting thing is cool.

Since I joined the Forum and playing GoW (January 19th) I have received the 6th most likes (used Quarter stats, back to January 25th).

Overall, 11th. Not bad for only 3 months :wink:


Funnily enough, running popular threads on the forums is a really good way to collect likes… :stuck_out_tongue:


I try my best :blush:

You are right though, the Series will seriously skew my Likes. Just wait a couple months after we run a couple more, THEN we will see :smiley:


Hehe I am nearly as popular as @Sirrian… And soooo much better looking :slight_smile:


My doubt is real.