[SPOILERS] NEW Kingdom (~01.20.2017)

##Silver Drakon - Common from Silverglade, Dragon

Sliver of Ice (8 Purple)
Deal [Magic + 1] damage and freeze the first enemy. If the enemy’s Magic if greater than mine, create 8 Blue Gems.
Trait 1: Dragon Bond (Allied Dragons gain 2 Life.)
Trait 2: Insulated (Immunity to Frozen.)
Trait 3: Water Link (Gain bonus Blue Mana from Blue Gem matches.)
MAX Attack=13, Armor=14, Magic=7, Life=30

###Swordmaster - Rare from Silverglade, Elf

Blade Waltz (11 Blue/Green)
Deal [Magic + 1] damage to an enemy, boosted by the enemy’s Mana cost. [1:1]
Trait 1: Knight Bond (Allied Knights gain 2 Life.)
Trait 2: Elf Bond (Allied Elves gain 2 Life.)
Trait 3: Armored (Reduce damage from Skulls by 25%.)
MAX Attack=16, Armor=21, Magic=10, Life=18

###Elven Bard - Rare from Silverglade, Elf
One time at Bard camp…

Enchanting Melody (11 Yellow/Green)
Give an ally 2 Magic, give them half of their Mana, and Enchant them. [2:1]
Trait 1: Elf Bond (Allied Elves gain 2 Life.)
Trait 2: Air Heart (Gain 1 Life for each Yellow ally.)
Trait 3: Blessed (All allies gain 2 random Skill points.)
MAX Attack=18, Armor=7, Magic=1, Life=27

###Unicorn - Ultra-Rare from Silverglade, Beast/Mystic

Purify (11 Green/Purple)
Cleanse, Enchant and give an ally [Magic + 1] Life.
Trait 1: Beast Bond (Allied Beasts gain 2 Life.)
Trait 2: Blessed (All allies gain 2 random Skill points.)
Trait 3: Arcane (Gain 1 Magic when an ally casts a spell.)
MAX Attack=15, Armor=8, Magic=7, Life=35

###Enchantress - Ultra-Rare from Silverglade, Elf/Mystic

Arcane Blast (13 Purple/Yellow)
Deal [Magic + 1] damage to all enemies, and Enchant myself.
Trait 1: Mystic Bond (Allied Mystics gain 2 Life.)
Trait 2: Mana Shield (Immunity to Mana Burn.)
Trait 3: Magic Spirit (Gain 1 Magic for each Purple ally.)
MAX Attack=15, Armor=8, Magic=4, Life=35

###Princess Elspeth - Epic from Silverglade, Elf (Quest)
But first let me take a #Elfie

Royal Demand (13 Yellow/Blue)
Create 8 Gems of a chosen ally’s Mana Color and kill them. Summon a random Elf.
Trait 1: Greedy (Gain 2 bonus Gold on 4 or 5 Gem matches.)
Trait 2: Warded (Immunity to Death Mark.)
Trait 3: Air Heart (Gain 1 Life for each Yellow ally.)
MAX Attack=17, Armor=8, Magic=14, Life=36

###Krystenax - Legendary from Silverglade, Dragon

Bejeweled (16 Blue/Green)
Deal 5 damage all enemies, boosted by a chosen color and then remove them. Summon a Silver Drakon. [2:1]
Trait 1: Flying (Immunity to Entangle.)
Trait 2: Stoneskin (Reduce damage from Skulls by 50%.)
Trait 3: Crystalize (Gain Enchant when matching Purple Gems.)
MAX Attack=18, Armor=25, Magic=21, Life=20

###The Silvermaiden - Epic from Silverglade, Elf/Knight

Glorious Dawn (12 Blue/Purple)
Cleanse and Barrier myself. Destroy a row, Gain [Magic + 1] Armor and Life, boosted by Yellow Gems destroyed. [1:1]
Trait 1: Leader (Gain 3 to all Skills if in first position.)
Trait 2: Avenger (Gain 3 Attack when an ally dies.)
Trait 3: Holy Armor (Reduce damage from Skulls by 40%.)
MAX Attack=15, Armor=27, Magic=5, Life=21

Thank you @SirCookie for additional info about new troops colours + traits! :smiling_imp:

##Bonus: Troops from 2nd NEW Kingdom :smiling_imp:


Goat Sucker

##Stryx Oracle

Star Signs

##Stryx Shaman



Feather Frenzy

##Jaguar Warrior

Ritual Kill

##Prince Azquila

Fiery Rain

##Tezca (Quest)

Ruby Staff

##Garuda (Legendary)

Wrath of the Sky


Always guys, nothing is final until release :sunglasses: :wink:


They’re overdoing it with these dragons now.

Since when has fantasy had anything to do with dragons? (undetected sarcasm)

More wolves please. PLEASE Nim.

I think Nim’s gone off wolves… when I took my break she was the Winter Wolf icon… and now she’s moved over to a Human one… this is clearly a message that she now hates wolves and we’ll never see another wolf added to the game.


Yeah I’ve really been feeling her cold shoulder these last few months as well. No love for the wolfies.


But I buffed the Dire Wolf :sob:


Haha all joking aside you all are doing a fine job. I like dragons and wolves.

Now i’m not asking for troop spoilers, but can you mention any upcoming creature types we might see that are new? Just wondering. I think there’s soo many different types of troops available in this world.

What does enchanting do?

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You what would rock? A forum account setting that made spoiler tags default to visible. So those of us reading a thread with Spoiler in the name, and in the Spoiler forum, would be able to make it so we didn’t have to click on everything to see it


You’ll just have to wait and see :wink:

Well the second kingdom is the one that has Stryx


Awesome :slight_smile: I was gonna start digging around on here and maybe post asking when there’d be new story content (or how often that gets added at least).

Hm, someone was fast to the mark on these spoilers…

There’s no definition for Enchanted as a status effect yet. We’ll just have to wait and see. From what I can tell from the data, it’s a positive effect, though.

Pretty elf kingdom for the win, though~

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Love the artwork for the new troops. There may be a bunch of new posts in the “portrayals of women in GOW” thread though… those ladies are busting right out of their clothes. :octopus:

Hmm, was trying to do an embarrassed emoji but got an Octopus instead. I’m going to leave it anyway because octopi are cool.


Chupacabra! WOW!

I do actually see a help tip for Enchanted in the files. Bottom of Common.xml.

Since always?

Oh my bad I forgot to add the sarcasm tag.

Hm, that must have been added stealthily after I checked, it definitely wasn’t there when I looked :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa, now these do look excellent… can they hurry up and release this kingdom yesterday too?


y u no spoily me in a spoily thread ;<