New Forest of Thorns weapon: Oaken Crown

Something that’s really annoyed me with the weapons coming out from events is that they have such little synergy with the class. Let’s take a look at this new Oaken Crown weapon.

Annotation 2020-01-06 134725

It’s not shown, but the colors of this weapon are Black and Purple. So you automatically sacrifice 5 magic, which you get from using a Green weapon with the Archer class. You also lose 12 Green Life because you won’t have 4 Green Troops. Now, I could get around this by using 4 Brown troops instead. For instance, I can use this team:

So I get the 12 Life from 4 Brown Troops, and the yellow and green from Oaken Crown fuels Yasmine and King Bloodwood. Obviously though it’s intended that we use Faemark, which is green, so our team should have Faemark, which doesn’t have Brown. Now we lose our 4 Brown bonus.

If we do use Faemark though, we should use Aurai to give everyone +5 Stats, except for our own Hero, because he’s not green… So it’s annoying that Oaken Crown isn’t Green, because again, we’re losing 5 Magic, and we’re sacrifice both the 12 Life from 4 Green or 12 Life from 4 Brown, and the +5 to all stats from Aurai.

Then you go into the Archer class talents, and we have Perfect Aim, Precision, and Knife Throwing at level 5. Oaken Crown is jewelry, so we lose another 2 Magic from not having a Bow, Missile, or Dagger.

And of course Archer class is just terrible in general for Elves or Fey. Every level 100 talent is for Elf/Stryx/Rogue. Nature’s Aura at 20 creates a Leafstorm, Wall of Vines gives green allies 5 armor, and Nature Heart trait gives you 1 life for each green ally… but we’re using a brown/purple weapon. I get that you don’t want to create powerful loops, but it’s frustrating still that these weapons just, have the wrong colors… it impacts so much.