New Kingdom - Silverglade

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Silverglade has appeared!

New Kingdom: Silverglade

With the release of Silverglade, 7 new troops have been added to chests:

  • Silver Drakon (common)
  • Swordmaster (rare)
  • Elven Bard (rare)
  • Enchantress (ultra-rare)
  • Unicorn (ultra-rare)
  • Princess Elspeth (epic)
  • Krystenax (legendary)

You may see another troop in the story - she’ll be arriving in our upcoming Silveglade event!

Please make sure you’ve gotten the update for the kingdom on Steam (the new servers tripped us up, causing a delay getting it out).

Please note this Kingdom is currently only available for Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Kingdom is here:

New troops are linked both there and on the main page.


We are aware that Krystenax is displaying the help text for Entangled instead of Enchanted. We’re looking into this at the moment.

For those wanting to know: An Enchanted troop gains 2 mana at the start of its turn. This lasts until its spell is cast.

Krystenax would need some little fixing in the wording in his active skill:

“Deal 7 damage to All Enemies, boosted by a chosen color and then remove THEM. Summon a silver Drakon”.

it would seem like u would remove all the enemies and not the chosen color, which i suppose was the intention :stuck_out_tongue:

it seems like it’s missing the word “gems” after chosen color.
but as for previous cards skill wordings, to avoid any misinterpretrations, i’d change it to:

“Deal 7 damage to all Enemies, remove a chosen color gems to boost the effect. Summon a Silver Drakon”


Can you change primarycolor in json for Krystenax in the same time?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah I read it that way when it was revealed in the spoiler thread… Maybe it does remove all enemies, that’s only a little more broken than some troops :stuck_out_tongue:

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I doubt Sirrian is a Return fan, but nevermind its still a famous song. :slight_smile:

Won the first 1st challenge of the kingdom but got this error

Upon re-login the challenge is still incomplete.

I think I am going to go to bed now…let the dev figure out what is up since PVP still wasn’t working.

Who be Mongo?

Mongo is the Database Troll.


I checked for the new kingdom on mobile an hour ago and I wouldn’t have found it if I didn’t know it was coming. No notification in the News or anything.

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Question: Where can I obtain The Silvermaiden?

That’s where. Next event on Monday.

Oooh Sirrian, typo…

Yikes. So far the dialog for this kingdom is pretty bad. I miss the old humor.
Maybe it’s just me? Night folks.
Good luck on the chat bug Sirrian, Nim, and GOW team.

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I can’t get the first Challenge battle to load @sirrian @Nimhain It just hangs with retry connection to server messages… rest of game was working… hang on let me try PvP or quests…

Edit: nope, can’t get any match to start, PvP, quests, challenges, explore… all stall on downloading updates and connecting to server…

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We are aware that some players are having trouble loading battles. We’re currently investigating the issue.

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Congrats for all these awesome new troops and their flawlessly typed abilities!
GooD job. kappa

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Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but Krystenax has a text error in its spell sheet.
It reads:
"Deal 20 damages all enemies…"
It should be:
“Deal 20 damages to all enemies…”

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We’ve been aware of some text issues with a couple of spells. We’ve fix that on our side and will get them out in the future.

Surely just …damage…

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