Kingdom Request: Pinnacle of Frost

A place filled with magic and ancient history. Drakes fly around and Frost Giants guard their surrounding areas. A small tribe of barbarians who are slaving people live here and their stories of dragon tamers and powerful casters have been heared by our belic hero. As he head’s there hes gonna be found by a spy rogue who engage on battle thinking hes an enemie. In the heat of the fight they both are gonna be captured and they decide to team up to break free.

Kingdom Name: Pinnacle of Frost

Mana bonuses: Purple and Blue.

Kingdom Level: 9

Total fights for “Challenge”: 7

New Mechanics:

  • Freeze”: Make a troop unaivaible to atack and gain mana.
  • Exhaust”: This troop is unavalible to cast spells for 5 turns. (Still can gain mana.)
  • Burn”: Make a troop have chance to take 1 damage per turn. (Much more like poison, but red. Awesome for future troops.)

New Weapon:

Name: Staff of Frozen Fire
Mana Use: 14 Red/Blue
Spell “Intro”: Hurls a huge frost fire bolt to your enemie, making him take direct damage and burn.
Spell: Deals (7 + magic) damage to an enemie. Removes all the Red Gems to boost the effect. Makes the target burn.


  • Friendly Epic:

Name: Shinav (Girl)
Mana Use: 15 Red/Purple
Spell: Sinister Blade, Deals (4 + magic) damage. Gain magic equal to it’s target attack.
Level 15 Stats: 13HP, 8 Armor, 9 Attack, 5 Magic.

  • Common:

Name: Drake (Drake)
Mana Use: 8 Blue
Spell: Frozen Breath, Deals (4 + magic) damage to a random enemy. Freeze it’s target.
Level 15 Stats: 14HP, 2 Armor, 6 Attack, 3 Magic.

  • Rare:

Name: Frost Mage (Girl)
Mana Use: 12 Purple/Blue
Spell: Frost Bomb, Fling a bomb into an enemy that explodes after 2 turns. Deals (7 + magic) to an enemy and (1 + magic) to adjacent enemies.
Level 15 Stats: 12HP, 6 Armor, 4 Attack, 5 Magic.

  • Rare:

Name: Drake Rider (Boy)
Mana Use: 11 Red/Yellow
Spell: Hurl Spear, Deals 8 true damage to it’s target. Remove all Red Gems to boost the effect. (Ratio 4:1)
Level 15 Stats: 12HP, 8 Armor, 6 Attack, 0 Magic.

  • Ultra Rare:

Name: Commander (Boy)
Mana Use: 12 Red/Brown
Spell: Rallying Cry, Give all allies (1 + magic) Attack and (1 + magic) Armor. Creates 6 Skulls. Gain an extra turn.
Level 15 Stats: 13HP, 9 Armor, 7 Attack, 2 Magic.

  • Event Epic:

Name: Amilia (Girl)
Mana Use: 14 Blue/Purple
Spell: Ice Lance, Deals (7 + magic) damage to an enemie. Freezes it’s target. Deals double damage if the target is frozen.
Level 15 Stats: 15HP, 7 Armor, 6 Attack, 6 Magic.

  • Legendary:

Name: Aurora, The Frost Queen. (“Girl” Drake)
Mana Use: 18 Blue/Yellow
Spell: Frost Nova, Deals (2 + magic) damage to all enemies. Deals (2 + magic) for each enemie troop missing. Freeze all the targets. Causes exhaust.
Level 15 Stats: 16HP, 9 Armor, 8 Attack, 3 Magic.

Quest Line

(I can’t make the dialogues because my english is quite bad. But here is a pretty good idea of what I’ve in mind.)

Act I: Our hero is atacked by Shinav.

Act II: Our hero and Shinav team up to fight against two “Frost Giants” , One “Berseker” And one “Stone Giant.”

Act III: We are captured by more giants.

Act IV: Shinav uses her rogue skills to pick the lock.

Act V: We fight against three slaves (“Dwarven Miner”) and one “Frost Mage.” (In this battle we are weaponless, and nor our hero nor troops can’t use any non-magic based “spells”.)

Act VI: We fight agaist one “Dwarven Miner”, Two “Frost Mage” And one “Commander.” (We still are weaponless.)

Act VII: We get out weapons back.

Act VIII: We break free.

Act IX: A “Drake squad” is waiting for us in the exit. We fight agaist four “Drake Rider”

Act X: Shaniv prevents our hero about the big threat. While they are talking they got ambushed by mercenaries from “Pan’s Vale”

Act XI: We fight against three “Satyr” And one “Commander”

Act XII: Barely alive after the ambush we encounter a group of Valkyries. We fight agaisnt four “Valkyries.”

Act XIII: After defeating the Valkyries, our Hero and Shinav hear a huge roar. What was that?

Act XIV: The big threat Shaniv talk about. Aurora, The Frost Queen Appears. ROAAAAAAAAR.

Act XV: We fight against three “Drake Rider” and “Aurora, The Frost Queen.”

Place where it could be holded:

If I was good enough I would love to make the draws of what I’ve in mind for the troops, but it would be to hard for me. I’ve never been good enough using Photoshop, Sketchpad and stuff like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, you put a lot of thought into this.
I think soem of the troop ideas look a bit too powerfull right now, but I especially like the delayed explosion of the frosty mage girl

@melkathi You inspired me, I was bored so, might as well do something. XD Yes… Well… I guess they can be adapted, I feel like each of those spells have their own streghts and are situational, so obviusly can look powerful if you put them on the best kind of situation. I feel like the 24 damage the “Frost bomb” can do… It’s like… How I put it… It’s not like they are 24 damage in one troop and also, you could loose the fight before the frost bomb even explodes. I think the ability is “ok” and even being nerfed to 4 magic and ( 5 + magic) it still would be fine.

Very cool, Serale! :slight_smile:

Thanks Mr. Marcel! ^^ I hope the devs like it, may be someday we will play with this troops.

By the way, you can’t call your legendary Sapphira. Sapphira is a vampire lady from Whitehaven :wink:

I would like Burn to be a bit different than Poison so we don’t have duplicate effects. How about Burn has to tick its damage through armour as well, but as fire can spread, each tick it also has a chance to spread to adjacent enemies?
That way a) single target burn attacks would havea chance to affect everyone over time, and b) if the fire has spread, even if it wears off, there is the danger of the fire being reignited through those still burning.

You should get a bunch of gems as a reward if they do, haha. One point though, we already have of course Stormheim, set in a cold environment. That said, we also have two forests, Maulgrim Woods and Forest of Thorns, so why not.

NOOOOO!!! That’s why the name sounded to me but I couldnt recall, when I first thought about this name I was actually thinking about Sapphiron, which is an Undead Icy Drake from “Naxxramaas” a dungeon from the popular game “World of Warcraft” … And yes. I thought the same about “Burn” but is really hard to find another mechanic to fill what it comes to mind when it says “burn” your idea sounds kinda cool, having the fire to spread.

Maybe it could burn through armor only, as a pendant to poisoning which affects only life.

@MarvelKit Yes. The thing is that Stormheim didn’t really introduce any “icy” spells, feels more like a place with cold water, snow and giants.

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@MarvelKit @melkathi Do you guys like “Aurora” for the Legendary? What about “Ryuka”?

Aurora works for me. :slight_smile:

@MarvelKit I was thinking a corrosive acid status effect for the armour only actually.

@Serale I am always in favour of calling NPCs Aurora. Or ships. Or spaceships. I am in favour of the name Aurora in general.

Maybe we could use fire to cleanse, burning the estrangles, melting ice and make people talk when they are “silence” :joy:

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You open’d a whole new world for me! May be we could make a science laboratory kingdom, where warlocks practice their magic! We could make “Slimes” with the corrosive acid and even have a friking Dr. Boom as Legendary to explode their own Slimes making the Acid to affect all the enemie troops!!! :scream:

I’m working on posting a new thread later tonight. Just need to organzie everything neatly :wink:

Il’l expect it! Just be sure to not be way better than mine so I get a shot too! Hahaha!

Incredible work @Serale, I’ll be sure to highlight this one to the team :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

Very nice! One thing to point out, we already have a drake rider. He’s the new Ultra-rare troop rrom Grosh-Nak.

Yeah! Great job @Serale!
We have something nicely frosty planned for that region, so we love hearing ideas like this.

Here’s a bit of Ice Magic for you all (and not the kind you use on ice-cream)