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New mythic proposal: Frozen King

Here he goes:

Name: Frozen King
Kingdom: Glacial Peaks
Type: Giant/Fey

motto: Winter… is coming

Arcanes: Swamp & Spirit

#1 Huge: Gain 2 life on 4 or 5 Gem Matches
#2 Ice Armor: Reduce damage from Skulls by 65%
#3 Inevitable Cold: Whenever Enemy matches 4 or 5 Gems, freeze a Random Enemy.

Spell: 24 mana
Ice Javelin: Deal 5 + (2*magic) damage to enemy. If they are frozen, deal true damage instead. Freeze enemy.

So, what do you guys think? is it time for loop breaker to come into play ? :wink:


I like the idea of turning an enemy action into something negative. I had that idea before but I’m actually not really sure if this won’t be too annoying because of its unpredictability :smiley:

It’s a great loop breaker for sure though!

So, let’s just go Glacial Peaks and make a team with the Frozen King… Let’s get all the boosts on the best kingdom team based team in the game.

Hero with Winter’s Orb, does what, about 50+ damage per turn to all enemies, plus a x5 boost for Frozen enemies. Frostmage - snap freeze, unless immune, one enemy frozen, 25% chance to freeze a random enemy on cast - immune to freeze

Daughter of Ice - convert red to blue, immunity to freeze

Queen Mab - freeze a random enemy on 4/5 gems, immunity to freeze
Skadi - perma blue storm, freeze and mana burn top 2 enemies, knock to back - summon mab, arcane, immune to freeze


Frozen King freeze on 4/5 gem opponent matches. Spellcast freeze - damage etc

When is the opponent going to get a turn?

All are freeze immune, can’t use same team in reverse, can’t stop it etc, can’t generate mana to beat it without passing the turn, unless all your troops are impervious or immune and once it matches 4 once, can’t stop it.

Yes we can stun it I guess, but don’t think it will be happening


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Just put a Beetrix and Obsidious into a team, and you’ll counter glacial peaks you posted.
Beetrix will cleanse her team from freeze and Obsidious will stun enemies on M4/M5.

And Beetrix is probably easiest troop to get from here… You just need some shards and you’re guaranted to get at least 1 copy from faction portal. :wink:

Apparently the real deal has become so boring that people started playing a fantasy version of their own. Do you guys also have world events?


We have counters, but let’s say it became meta, and the Glacial Peaks team is run in tier3 at the mo, would we always be wanting to run a team with Obsidius and Queen B in, just to combat a trait that gives away the turn from the core function of the game?

We honestly have enough freeze in the game, no doubt there more to come, plus we won’t be able to run Queen B on 4 GW days, or Obsidius on 3, and you could never pair them on 1 guild war day (well you could lose some points too I guess).

It’s a novel idea but it affects the core of the game by stopping you keeping the turn through your own actions - the key objective of the game.


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Exactly what i was afraid for :smiley:

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We already have loop breakers: doomed blade etc.


Don’t matter what troop it is some of you all will still gripe & whine about the artwork.

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