Troop request for gems of war 3 DEVS!

Here is part 3 of my gems of war troop ideas! Like always you you can post buffs/nerfs and probably more coming soon DEVS IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED I YOU STOP BY!

Troop 1.

The Storm Eater, Mythic, Suncrest, Elemental/Styrx

Mana Colors Yellow/Blue/Red

Spell: Judgement Bolt Needs 22 Mana

Deal [magic+6] damage to the first enemy boosted by all ally magic, if the enemy dies deal the rest of the damage to the enemy below, summon either a icestorm, firestorm, or lightstorm (boost ratio 5:1)

Maximum Stats

Attack 18-24
Life 24-36
Armor 12-18
Magic 4-10

Traits 1. Styrx Bond 2. Blessed 3. Heavens Wrath (Explode 3 random gems on yellow gem matches)

Troop 2.

Star Striker, Mythic, ?, Divine/Knight

Mana Colors Blue/Yellow

Spell: The chains of light Needs 20 Mana

Deal [magic+12] damage to all enemies boosted by enchanted allies and enemies, then stun all undead and halve all enemy daemon life (boost ratio x3)

Maximum Stats

Attack 18-24
Life 26-38
Armor 12-20
Magic 8

Traits 1. Divine Bond 2. Holy Armor 3. Paragon Surge (when I die all allies gain 10 to all skills)

Troop 3.

Cryogen, Legendary, Glacial Peaks, Elemental/Beast

Mana Colors Blue/Purple

Spell: Crushing Glacier Needs 13-15 Mana

Deal [magic+10] damage to all enemies boosted by frozen enemies, then switch the first enemy with the last and freeze all enemies (boost ratio x4)

Maximum Stats

Attack 24-35
Life 18-30
Armor 8-12
Magic 5-10

Traits 1. Elemental Bond 2. Ice Armor 3. Icy Prison (Silence and freeze a random enemy on 4 or 5 gem matches)

Troop 4.

Athene, Mythic, ?, Divine/Elemental

Mana Colors Blue/Yelllow/Purple

Spell: Celestial Force Needs 20 Mana

Deal [magic+4] true splash damage to the two strongest enemies boosted by allied divines, deal double damage if there are any daemons on the enemy team, if an enemy dies all allies gain 5 to all skills (boost ratio x2)

Maximum Stats

Attack 15-24
Life 30-40
Armor 10-17
Magic 10-16

Traits 1. Elemental Shield 2. Impervious 3. Lights Right (silence all daemon and undead on 4 or 5 gem matches)

Athene and Star Striker would probably be part of a new lunar themed kingdom

Troop 2 is a bad idea as it has the potential to deal more damage than the proposed mythic (40% chance to kill all mechs, seriously?) It’s 3rd trait is unique, but it would only be useful if he dies first, and will be completely useless if he dies last. Troop 1 would be fine if the boost ratio is like 1:3 or 1:4, but it last trait wouldn’t be helpful under any circumstance and would cause more problems than what it’s worth.

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@ArkadeADD1CT I changed the troop up a bit so its more balanced (in my opinion)

Troop 2 would be a bit more balanced if it was reducing armor instead of reducing life, and the mana cost should probably be raised to at least 20. Troop 3 would make a good legendary as it’s spell make logical sense considering the chosen kingdom and isn’t overpowered (thanks for the boost ratio, but can you give the other ones a boost ratio as well). Also troop 3 is perfect for Glacial Peaks as I’m pretty sure it has only one legendary (could be wrong). Please change troop 1’s last trait, it is just bad across the board.

@ArkadeADD1CT thx for you’re feedback and there are currently two glacial peaks legends (borealis+mab)

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