New Troop Ideas !?

Name: ChargchaBot
Type: Mech
Effect: Explode a random skull and Stun a random enemy, boosted by yellow gems destroyed.
Mana Cost: Yellow (8)
Traits: Mech Bond, Air Heart, Impervious
Kingdom: Adana
Rarity: rare
Smell Name: Small Fused

Name: Ashcont
Type: Human/Knight
Effect: Deal 10 damage to the weakest enemy. Summon a level 10(magic) Watcher. If enemy dies, deal 10 true damage to the strongest enemy.
Mana Cost: Yellow/Purple/Red (20)
Traits: Cursed, Stoneskin, Smoke’s Ashes (Deal 3 damage to all enemies on 4 or 5, red or yellow gem matches.
kingdom: Darkstone
rarity: Legendary
Spell Name: Eye of the Dead

Name: Taurolds Avatar
Type: Centaur/Tauros
Effect: Deal 7 damage to all enemies, boosted by my life (2:1 ratio). Disease all beast and Stun all knights.
Mana Cost: yellow/Green/purple (24)
Traits: Centaur Bond, Regeneration, Horn of Rebirth (Gain 20 life, each time an Ally Dies.)
Kingdom: Divinion Fields
Rarity: Mythic
Spell Name: Taurold’s Stampede

You forgot to includ magic scaling for all your spells.

I’ve got a new trait idea:

Devour 4 random enemies on a gem match

Impervios troops laugh at your trait :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but what u didn’t know is that that unique trait belongs to the new mythic from wild plains: bulletje, the king of cows!
With his awesome spell “bullshit” - deal 500 true damage to all enemies, boosted by bullshit, then silence, stun, poison, disease, burn, mana burn them and put a deathmark on them, gain 16millionthousand souls. And of course he’s empowered

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Sounds strong. Id drop his trait from empowered to fast.


lmao what the heck !!

Name: Devillannia
Type: Undead/Daemon (Female)
Effect: Place Death Mark on the Strongest Enemy. Deal 8 (+magic) damage to the weakest enemy boost by undead allies (ratio x3). Gain 5 life if the Enemy Dies.
Mana Cost: purple/Brown/red (22)
Traits: Undead Bond, Doom, Death’s Penalty ( Place Death Mark on a random enemy when matching 4 or 5 gems.
Kingdom: Ghulvania
Rarity: Mythic
Spell Name: Doom Ticket

sorry, your death penalty trait is very unwanted feature
(recently developers withdraw exactly this idea from a hero class design due to players feedback and possibly other unknown to me reasons)

but besides that troop looks nice :slight_smile: