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New troop maybe?

Me and my brother Lost power in the house, due to a storm. so we randomly started talking about Gems of War ! and we came across many ideas for new troops. we have plenty in our cookie jar, but i want to see if you guys like the First troop. and if so… ill be glady to share the rest.

Name: Pirate Ship
Type: Construct/Mech
Effect: Create 8 brown gems, and deal 10 damage to a Random Enemy. If Enemy Dies, Summon a level 10 ship cannon.(+1)
Mana Cost: (Blue/Brown 16) but if , mythic Blue Brown and Purple with 24 mana cost.
Traits: Construct Bond, Water Link, "Bombard (If an ally dies, deal damage, randomly split amongst enemies boosted by its attack. (3:1 ratio) “including himself if he dies”.
Rarity: Lengendary/Mythic
Kingdom: Blackhawk

Spell Name: Repel Boarders


Would go really well with self-expoding bombots.

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More troops, i’ve came up with. made by me.


Name: Orelitrus
Type: Elemental/Daemon
Effect: Remove all skulls from the field. Create 5 Red Gems, and 5 Brown Gems, boosted by the Number of Skulls Removed - 3:1 Ratio. Burn a Random Enemy.
Mana Cost: (brown/Blue 18)
Traits: Elemental Bond, Pyromania, Magma Coat (Gain 1 life and armor, when matching red or brown gems.)
Rarity:: Legendary
Kingdom: Broken Spire

Spell Name: Lava Spill

Hey, welcome. Nice ideas.

Honest feedback from me:

Pirate Ship: cool concept, I think we can do far more with it. Wouldn’t be a mech unless you meant a robot ship, which isn’t very pirate-like. Maybe needs rogue type as well. Spell has a few problems: 10 gems is too many to make, 9 is the highest number that works. This would self charge too. But then it doesn’t do anything unless there’s a space for the cannon summon. I’d rework as: summon a ship cannon, create 8 brown gems, deal x shots of (magic stat) damage to random enemies, where x is number of friendly ship cannon plus two. Mana cost needs to be about 16. Third trait: I’m suspicious - cool idea but I think could be abused and be over-powered - maybe a fixed amount of damage (5?) to all enemies is better. Oh, don’t like the spell name ‘ironed protocol’ either - think you mean ‘iron’ not ‘ironed’ (unless someone took the creases out?) and ‘protocol’ sounds too scientific to me. For that spell, maybe ‘Bombardment’ or ‘Repel Boarders’ work.

Orelitrus: hmmmm. Cool idea, but we’ve a lot of fire demon things kicking around and I wouldn’t rush to make another. Spell: nice idea, but having gems created scale up is risky. Move ratio to 3:1 maybe. Even then, possible combos with Sheggra and IK make me wary. Also we have red/yellow and blue/green pair gem creators already, brown/purple is the missing one. All that said, the spell needs to do more for an 18 mana cost: maybe damage, maybe burn stuff. Third trait: nice, that works well.

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I’ve made a few changes and thanks for your honest feed back… it’ll help me create much better ideas. :}


Name: Heismane
Type: Merfolk/Monster
Effect: Stun and Disease, the strongest enemy. Deal 3 damage to all enemies, boosted by Merfolk Aliies (x3 ratio)
Mana Cost: (Yellow/Purple 12)
**Traits:**Merfolk Bond, Armored, Virulence
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Kingdom: Blighted Lands

Spell Name: Trophy Disease