New gem-transformer troop ideas

So I think something that’d really help the game would be to add new troops with gem-transform spells, one for each colour. This would add great variety with new options, and reduce reliance on the six current gem-transformers who have to be amongst the game’s most used troops. Nice to be able to build a team around Mab or EK perhaps and not have to see Valkyrie as mandatory. Nice also to spread the troop types around a bit more.

(disclaimer for devs / publisher / any lawyers reading: I hereby unconditionally release all rights over the ideas in this post to 505 games, or the developers, or whomsoever needs to hold such rights, blah blah)

So I came up with the following…

[EDITED for feedback below]
[EDITED to add two more Mercy-style transformers, and EDITED again for @Nimhain comment on Garuda]


Epic Broken Spire Giant Brown/Yellow
Spell: Blaze 13 mana
Transform all gems of a chosen colour to Red. Deal [Magic/2+?] damage to the first two enemies and Burn them.
Traits: Insulated, Big, Pyromania


Ultra Rare Mist Of Scales Monster Green/Red
Spell: Paralysis 11 mana
Transform all gems of a chosen colour to Brown. Deal [Magic+?] true damage to the first enemy and Stun them.
Traits: Earth Heart, Immune, Nature Link


Epic Pan’s Vale Fey Beast Green/Purple
Spell: Concordance 13 mana
Transform all gems of a chosen colour to Yellow. Deal [Magic+?] damage to each enemy of the chosen colour. Deal 3 damage to each other enemy.
Traits: Warded, Air Spirit, Alert


Rare Zhul’Kari Undead Monster Brown/Blue
Spell: Putrefy 10 mana
Transform all gems of a chosen colour to Green. Deal 2 true damage to all enemies, 50% chance to Poison a random enemy, 50% chance to Disease a random enemy.
Traits: Regenerate, Immune, Invigorated


Ultra Rare Silverglade Elf Knight Purple/Yellow
Spell: Phalanx 11 mana
Transform all gems of a chosen colour to Blue. Give all allies +[Magic/2+?] Armour, and extra +4 Armour if they are enchanted.
Traits: Elf Bond, Inscribed, Holy Armour


Ultra Rare Ghulvania Daemon Rogue Blue/Red
Spell: Torment 11 mana
Transform all gems of a chosen colour to Purple. Reduce all skill stats of a random enemy by 3 points each and inflict a random status effect.
Traits: Flying, Warded, Stealthy

So what do people think? @Sirrian can we have stuff like these added? Pleeeese :smiley:

And as suggested by @zelfore two more Mercy-style start-of-battle transformers:


Epic Dragon’s Claw Elemental Strix Green/Yellow
Spell: Twister 13 mana
Deal [Magic+?] damage to a random enemy and switch their place with another random enemy. Transform all Brown gems to Red to boost the damage (ratio 2:1).
Traits: Agile, Fire Brand, Empowered


Epic Maugrim Woods Fey Wargare Brown/Yellow
Spell: Brawn 14 mana
Give a target ally +[Magic/2+?] Attack and Armour. Transform all Blue gems to Green to boost the effect (ratio 3:1). Give the ally +5 mana.
Traits: Wargare Bond, Bark Skin, Empowered


i like them a lot :smiley:

some of colors feel weird to me but i wont suggest any color changes as they need to be balanced with all existing troops combos and i just wont consider that :sweat_smile:

the furfur is funny enough sounding almost like harhar or hurhur

the only thing i would really change (no idea why) is to give harridan stealthy (as she is a rogue that doesnt even do direct damage she just debuffs/sucks ther energy from a distance so it feels like she should do it while being hidden)

also maybe give them some flavor text ? if you have more then one idea per, give some alternatives, would be fun to read :grin:

Yes that works too.

I leave that to @sirrian as the maester of puns… and he often seems to do that based on the art…

The name comes (like very many fantasy daemon and monster names) from one of the goetic daemons in the Lesser Key of Solomon…

I would not have said more transformers except for the simple fact that the ones we have are used constantly. The extra diversity would be great to have.

Basically the same treatment that soul-generating troops got - when Valkyrie was nerfed a bit and was no longer the only such troop.

Oh and they can also not all be blue/green troops. We have so many blue/green transformers.


Agree, edited the colours slightly to avoid blue/green.


We actually have pretty much every color covered. I don’t see these being better than the troops we already have including the guardians. I can’t see these troops being used much, but you can say that about a lot of troops being made. So sure, more the merrier.

But blue,green, yellow, and red are definitely covered enough.

What I mean is I don’t think anyone is hurting for mana in the game now. If you need mana you know which troops to turn to. Now sure we can always use more, no doubt. But again I just don’t think these are going to replace what we already have. Just my opinion. But I do want to say thanks for taking the time to make the idea come to life. It’s much easier to picture when you have pictures and everything worked out. :slight_smile:

and regardless they’re still some very cool troops.

Its not always about what color they create and that we have the same gem creators that create same colors already, it is about what mana they use and what in addition they can do to transform gems, so they can fit in other teams.


Very true and I get that, but I still stand by my comment. We also have those as well. We simply aren’t hurting in the mana department in any way. You can find a way to get mana for pretty much any team you want to make.

This is just my opinion though. It’s not like they would ever base this stuff on one person’s opinion. :smile: I’m just more interested in them bringing in new mechanics and traits, rather than to make more troops which are either lower or on par with troops we already have. But we can’t always get what we want.

Fair enough. What do you want to see, then? We already have everything needed to create teams.
New gem-transformers is in my top list.

I’m for new transformers, I hate random gem generation. It always seems to set up the opponent.

Well really it’s not like there isn’t room for all of these things. These gem-transformers could definitely still be made. I like a couple of the ideas floating around the forums. The protector trait someone mentioned, where you have to attack that troop first before attacking anything else. Just something new that adds a bit to strategy and mechanics.

If they could fit new traits into these troops that would be great. I notice there’s some new already there. Something that keeps the game fresh. I’m tired of seeing all the same ones in pvp tbh. :grinning:

I mean devour, freeze, entangle, barrier, deathmark…these things are all played-out now. It’s time for something new, or buff older troops to bring poison and fire back.

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I agree, however, no random gem-transformers troop ideas was made by Jainus in the OP tho…

Still a bit meh… I feel. However if they raised the poison and fire damage each turn by quite a bit we are now talking about a cool meta. :wink:

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I literally just edited that back into my post. :grinning: We’ve been so far gone from poison and fire, simply bringing them back into play would feel “new.”

Sorry for slightly side-tracking your thread @Jainus. Something, anything new Devs please.

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well for one, i would use basilisk or furfur, since i dont like color placing of hellcat and apothecary so that would be totally a “replacement” for me :wink:

and when time tells im sure much more fun combos would emerge from all of those suggested troops

Loving the idea of more transformers spread over more troop types/kingdoms to allow for more diverse options for synergized teams and better ways to utilize type/kingdom bonuses, which if we are honest have become mostly irrelevant lately.

Also being a giant nut you had me with your first suggested troop … no surprise :wink:

Yeah i’m not the ideal person to “sell” these ideas to, I pretty much like my teams where they are. :grinning: So yeah like I said, i’m just one person. I don’t represent the player-base. The only way I would use them is if they provided anything new to me.

Don’t hurt me.

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I agree 3 damage a turn for fire is a joke whey your playing against most of them over 100 life/armor. Maybe 10 damage per turn, or damage doubles every round it stays on fire

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Fire is significantly stronger than poison currently, not saying it couldn’t be buffed, but poison is absolutely irrelevant on itself at this point.

To somewhat relate this to the actual topic of this thread about transformers, how do people feel about poison also being able to proc on extra turns the way it does on turn starts?
It would add a ton to the status effect playstyle-wise, allowing to actively play around it without making it too strong, while also increasing its base output when not gaming it.
It also adds a ton of flavor to it, allowing for a rogue-ish poisoner feel if you commit your team to poison.

I suggested that long ago… I like the idea, but if we had that, we’d need a lot more cleanse troops…

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