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Idea for new troop

I have an idea for a new troop. It would be a Daemon/Construct and it’s Mana colors would be red, blue, and purple, and it would be a Mythic. It would be call Black Hole. The spell would be called “Event Horizon”: Destroy all gems on board, allies would gain 10 to all skills boosted by purple gems destroyed. Devour random enemy. Can only be casted once. It’s traits would be: Immune to any status effects such as silence, stun, and burn. All Daemon allies gain 3 magic. Immune to devour. I’d like to know anyone’s thought on this. Does it sound good or does it need anything?

Yeah it needs to take out the trash and walk the dog. On 4- or 5-matches.


I’d give it, “Automatically create ten seething threads on the Gems of War forum, Boosted by apps rage-quit [5x].”


Who let their five-year-old design a troop?