Mythic conjecture

Since we finished with the 4 Horsemen mythics we have gotten ones from specific kingdoms:

Draakulis- Vampire dude from Ghulvania
Abynissa - Daemon chick from Blighted Lands
Gards Avatar - Super Knight from Whitehelm

Each mythic embodies the theme of their kingdom rather well. Thought it could be fun to theorize about mythics from other kingdoms:

Glacial Peaks - Not Sure
Spell: Shatter - Deal [Magic + 2] damage to all enemies, double if they are frozen
Trait: Disorienting Winds - Random enemy loses 1 mana on match 4+

Forest of Thorns - Gaia
Spell: Overgrowth - Transform selected color into green, gain [Magic] life, boosted by gems transformed
Trait: Rebirth - Summon Gloomleaf on death

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I think I got a perfect name for that mythic Glacial Peaks troop.
Frost Daemon, it will be a Fey/Daemon type of troop, just like Plague.

tbh i think glacial peak mythic could be (graphic wise):

  • a frost giant (but really huge giant not the dwarf that got named as such) or
  • some wicked frost warlock/necromancer or
  • a snow king, husband to mab

his spell could be:

  • multi-target (at least 2 targets if not aoe) with a chance to both freeze &extra turn or
  • aoe snow avalanche that burries one enemy heavily and damages others, could damage and debuff the more the ‘bigger’ and ‘heavier’ (hp+armor) enemy is so it could not ‘dig’ itself from under the snow as easily as small units

Nah they did that in Stormheim, and that’s more where giants live…

yeah, liking that

in stormheim live humanoidal giants, half of them have humanoidal skin and humanoidal blood, the frost giant i was thinking of was more like a snow-golem kind, not sure how to describe it, ill try to get a picture:

in comparison, the frost giant in game looks small, humanoidal and dwarf-like

i originally didnt call it a ‘snow golem’ shape as the golems in game are totally different type then this concept

Here’s a couple of very cool ones…

Would like to see thoughts on other kingdoms too :wink:

What would an Adana mythic be, some master clockwork? Or a Zaejin, a goblin god? How about Prideland, a true king of the Savannah?

Yeah because Glacial Peaks didn’t already take enough of the Ice kingdom Flair and vibe away from Stormheim, lets also give Glacial Peaks the cooler Frost Giant to increase Stormheims irrelevance even further…:stuck_out_tongue:

How about ‘Banderdemon’ a huge blue devil with white furr or smth or just a div e sepid (The pale devil), if not demon\giant\humanoid mayb some creature that swims under the icebergs. Adana could have an AI as mythic lol

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I like it, cool idea dude.