Have you ever wondered


Queen Mab comes from ICE kingdom, how come she can BURN the mana.


Because she is a woman, they change their minds often ^^




Haven’t you heard of freezer burn? Or wind rash or wind burn?


To piggy back what @killerman3333 said; I was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and it gets so cold in the winter time that it burns your insides if you get to a fire too quickly to warm up.


Frost Burn. Your troop’s mana is the meaty center of a Hot Pocket (microwavable sandwiches for those unfamiliar) in this case. Leave the mana frozen for too long, BAM! Mana bites back, ruining a perfectly (un)healthy lunch option.

Yes. I did just compare your troops to a meat-filled microwaved meal.


Wyoming can get cold sure, but you ain’t Canada!