"Burn! Baby Burn!" says the Queen

So how exactly is Mana Burning working? Take Mab for instance. Her spell says Mana burn all enemies boosted by my magic. I assume it’s 1:1 for the boost? So if her magic is 13, and the enemy has, let’s say, 13 out of its 15 mana, the total damage is 26?
I’m asking since I’m sometimes feeling she deals way more than that, but it’s happening so quickly, Besides that she is also gaining mana every time an ally is casting a spell.

It might help if the damage showed up on her spell.


Or the boost ratio? I have been missing that…

Pretty sure it’s 1:1

One thing that makes it confusing is that I believe she is getting the +1 magic before casting her spell.

She buffs herself before each cast

It is 1:1.

Somehow, they thought the text couldn’t be “Inflict [Magic] damage and Mana Burn to all ennemies” as it goes with every other spell :confused:

I still don’t know why it isn’t like this. New mechanic text vs applied convention… convention should win…

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Out of curiosity… if the troop has 0 Mana, does Mab still do damage to them?

She does damage equal to her magic

I guess the wording was the put the emphasis on the Mana Burn portion of it. Though from the wording of it, it almost sounds like it shouldn’t do damage if a troop has no mana, since there is nothing to burn, and therefore no damage to boost.

Maybe @Sirrian or @Nimhain can clear up how the magic portion works?

Mana Burn as a mechanic feels like it actually complicates wording (since now you need a legend) vs. a more straightforward: “Deal [Magic] damage to all enemies, boosted by their current Mana.”


I think the wording was chosen intentionally, so people wouldn’t immediately be aware that she already almost deals Behemoth level damage without any mana burned.


This is the way Arcane has always worked.

  1. The boost ratio isnt shown (it’s 1:1) - make a tooltip for the boost ratio
  2. There’s no damage amounts shown on the targets hit when the spell is cast - make damage amounts shown on targets hit
  3. The animation hits everyone instantly rather than from top to bottom like with every other aoe - make animation go from top to bottom

Not a problem if you know how it works, but since it’s a completely new mechanic (that is ridiculously strong for the mana cost), it should be made more understandable by solving the three points stated above.

I agree 100%.


Oh no don’t tell me some on here want her nerfed already :confused:

Give others a boost then like behemoth :wink:

I don’t have maw let alone his op 3rd trait. Normally I get hammered with players who are level 1000 using an annoying bug.

All hail Queen Mab. I feel like I stand a chance, a good chance now that I have her :wink:

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No fear guys i have it on good word troop reworks are possible next week so here is to behemoth getting a boost. Also queen mab is a horrible troop that needs a boost too. She needs more magic and her third trait is almost good enough for magic boost but she is still not as good as tyri where mana counts.

She should not be boosted. She is already great. Arcane on an AOE is pretty obscene. Play her in a deck that loops, or even with someone like Soothsayer, and she is extremely fast and powerful. Add to that her 3rd trait slowing down the other team.

Just because the AI can’t play her, doesn’t make her weak.

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I’m pretty sure that was extreme sarcasm on @killerman333 post.


I didn’t see that as sarcasm, but rather as a way to say “no señor Nerf, Queen Mab no es here”.

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