Why is TDS doing more damage than listed


card says it does 8 damage. He never does anything other than 11.

Before casting

And after casting


With all these damage boost by race type they count themselves as a boost, in this case TDS itself as a dragon.


+3 damage for every dragon in the team. So 11 damage is normal amount, since TDS is a dragon.

Edit: somebody was faster than me.


Ahhh. Thank you. Completely was not counting him when I was reading over the team. Only looked at the other 3


It’d be neat if the cards could show you live how much damage they really do, but we’re still about 20 years or so from having computers that can do math so it’s not possible.


Knowing how much damage will deal mab with her mana burn would be nice also :slight_smile:


Isn’t that fairly easy to count?

Opponent troop X has 10 mana, my mab has 20 magic, so the damage she does = 30.


She win + 1 magic every time an allie do his magic


Yup I get that, but when you’re about to cast her spell you can see the magic she has at that time. Add that to opponent troops mana and that’s the damage.