Please Update Queen Mab's Arcane Trait (Closed)

Queen Mab has been nerfed through remove the magic bonus to her damage, that’s that, game gotta balance.
But can we have a more useful second trait for her then her current “Arcane” trait?
Originally this trait helps with her spell damage, now this trait does nothing for her.
I do not think 1 less trait (useless) is part of the intended nerf, please kindly rectify this.

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I hadn’t even noticed this. When did that change happen?

I’m not particularly sure, i notice this about 2 weeks back.

That never happened. Mana Burn damage is based on the magic of your troop + the mana the enemy troop is holding. Arcane gives Queen Mab one magic any time someone on your side casts, Queen Mab included (applied before spell cast).

Queen Mab hasn’t been changed any time recently.

Mab’s spell used to read “Mana burn all enemies, boosted by my Magic”. It now simply says “Mana burn all enemies”. You’re saying it’s just a text change, and the actual spell mechanics have not changed?

Edit: oh, hey, a tooltip for Mana Burn. It now explicitly includes the caster’s magic stat in the spell effect. Wonder when that change happened.

Picture proof.

Oh? i gonna go check it out!
Edit: You’re right, the mana burn definition is updated.
Then this is a non issue, lemme try to figure out how to close this topic.
Really wish they give us a comprehensive changelog though, i know neither when they change mab’s text, nor when they change the mana burn text.
Edit 2: no idea on how to close a topic, i’ll just mark it on the title