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I hate Queen Mab

It’s such, such a shame that the bug with Queen Mab’s third trait was fixed. On the one hand I can appreciate that it was a bug and therefore had to be fixed. On the other hand… gah.

Maybe she’s not so horrific to those who aren’t fielding control or gem-creation teams (or goblins), where extra turns are the name of the game.

One thing I very much wish to see is that Frozen would not stop extra turns on gem matches if anyone on your team has that color and is unfrozen. In other words, a green 4-of-a-kind should give you an extra turn unless ALL green mana users on your team are frozen. That would help balance the beast. Right now Frozen is way too powerful.


She is annoying for sure and I agree that it’s unintuitive that it’s not the troop that’s frozen but the colors that are frozen.

Emperor Khorvash and Mercy help against her.

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There are already ways to counter her 3rd trait: cleanse and stun for exemple. I’d recommend using manticore with empowered to stun her.

She might have been a problem at some point but as of now she is balanced.


Use a full impervious team like Carnex, Manticore, Behemoth, Manticore and she is helpless. This is one of the reasons I run multiple teams instead of trying to make one team do everything.


Before the litany of countermeasures were deployed, I would have agreed with you, OP. But now, against some troops Mab is almost entirely useless; she needs 13 mana to keep the turn; and you also have the option to play a non-looping team. She’s fine as is.


I definitely agree with the complaint about Freezing, though. It should only affect the one troop and not block match-4/5 if you have another unfrozen troop of that color.

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@LummoxJR no call out post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Queen Mab is totally useless against impervious but people still complain that they cannot use same team against every defense.
Just WOW…


I never change my looping team out for another team and I can win against almost every team. Why? Because I have a cleanse.
But it’s not that simple. You also have to be careful and pick your battles for four of a kinds.you should not use any looping that will hurt your team rather than help it. You should have a utility troop on your team that can either mana drain or stun or freeze to combat her and her skill/traits. (Freeze doesn’t directly combat Mab but it combats her allies which helps take away their extra turns too)

This freeze ability of Mab’s is not OP. Mab has very hard counters… Stun, cleanse, mana shield, and impervious are the obvious ones.

And if you are fighting against a queen Mab team without a cleanse, stun, mana drain then you should ADD one/make an alternative team to counter her. Or you should expect your win rate to be lower against her. If your team still wins most of your fights, then a few queen Mab losses isn’t a big deal.

In short, I think Queen Mab’s frozen trait is fine and is the only thing left that makes Mab unique and sometimes complicated to go against.

Also, frozen should freeze that color from being used. And correct me if I’m wrong (maybe this is a bug I’m experiencing) but there are a Lot of times where in a cascade if a 4 of a kind of a non-frozen troop drops after the AI does a 4 of a kind of a frozen troops color… The freeze is negated. I find that odd since the team was already frozen and the turn was supposed to be conceded… But anyways there’s that.

Also, it seemed like the freeze only worked with the fill order. For example, troop 1,2,3 is blue. Troop 3 is frozen. Person picks a 4 of a kind blue, and still got an extra turn because the blue never reached the 3rd troop. Again, maybe that’s just something I was experiencing, like a bug, but that’s what it seemed like to me. I never paid too much attention afterwards and I didn’t document it so there’s a chance I could be wrong but that’s just how I remembered it after a few battles of it happening in.

Perhaps that was because of a person with freeze immunity? I wonder if that interaction could be caused because of that. Not sure

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Remember when frozen would freeze all extra turns and not just a troop’s colors, ya that was op goodness.

The most likely cause of the extra turn in this case is that if the 4 of a kind match also matched a 4 of a kind (let’s say red) or if after the blue cleared a “red” 4 of a kind fell down in a cascade as long as the frozen troop wasn’t red then they (or you) would indeed get an extra turn

(Red in this example can be any color not in the frozen troop’s spell (or even skulls if the 1st troop isn’t frozen))

I already mentioned that in the paragraph above. This was something different. Maybe it was a bug. I haven’t paid enough attention to try to repeat it.

Exactly, the fact that she can’t damage impervious troops basically makes her worthless.

If you use a few in your team, she can’t hurt them at all.

That’s actually not entirely correct.

You CAN use the same team against every opponent, and win more than 95% of the time. It’s just not a team with Mab in it.

Even after the “nerf” the Great Maw is still the best troop in the game (and it is not even close).

(double yellow banner)

And even if you lose Maw, the other three are still capable of beating just about anything they encounter due to the awesome synergy that they have.


All the talk of Mab, Khorvash, Manticore and Infernal King has me looking forward to future releases on console.

Sounds like having the required VIP level for auto scoutung your opponent is very important on PC. Is it not simply a case of having specific counter teams then?

I probably need a slapped arse for this question but what does Mabs spell mean by mana burn being boosted by magic?

Not getting the free turn on a match four or five only happens if some of that mana is used to fill a frozen troop’s mana. If your entire team is frozen, but also has all spells filled, only skulls won’t give you the free turn.

Looping teams are extremely powerful, and needed a counter of some kind. Frozen is that counter. Sure, it’s annoying when you’re used to winning all the time without ever giving the enemy team a turn, but that’s not good balance. The existence of a counter to looping teams encourages the creation of non-looping teams, increasing variety.

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I wanted to say this, you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is a fancy way of writing: “Damage all enemies equal to their current Mana level plus [Magic].” *

  • Unless Impervious or Mana Warded
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With the buff to Impervious I’m sad I invested in Mab and not Maw. It now seems pretty clear that there is one optimal team. Maw is the one true way.