Where are the Silverglade troops?

150 gold keys. 1 bard.

100 glory keys. 1 sword master.

Of course my dumbass opened 100 event keys after this before I realized that the event didn’t change. ROFL

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Gotta love RNG. 500 glory keys. 4 Silverglade troops. Like 800 gold keys and got only 3 of the common.

And then got the legendary from 50 guild keys. :wink:

I was 700 gold keys in before I got one of the new rares.

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The good news is that I got Blackhawk that much higher. Got 3 of em to Mythic.

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It will probably be the last Kingdom that has magic(my guess), so will feel great to get it to PL5. :smiley:

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I found a wording error on new Dragon Silver Drakon:
Second sentence on attack reads:
“If the enemy’s Magic if greater than mine…” I’m pretty sure that second “If” should be “is” instead.

I’m gonna add insult to injury:

First gold key: Silver Drakon :stuck_out_tongue:

I must say RNG was kind to me with the new troops. I managed to get 5/7. Then of course Princess Elspeth with quest completion. It still hates me for Runic and Arcane stones though.:rage:

I actually got all of them eventually. I’ve just never gotten so few from so many keys.

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250 Keys (Gold, Glory, Gem)
45k Gold

1 Silver Drakon

I had better results with Blackhawk the first day than I am with this Kingdom.

With 51 commons in gold chests (52 in game, but Snowy Owl not in chests till Monday), and gold chests giving a common troop 49.8% of the time (rare 16.7, minor 18.6, major 6.6, other 8.3), it will take an average 102ish gold chests per Silver Drakon.

Or 19,560 gold chests for mythic.