(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

So ages before Blackhawk gets 10 troops… thanks!

This Captain is an Epic.

Captain skullbeard…arghhh :sunglasses:


I assumed he was Legendary because of this trait here

Pillage and Plunder
Gain 20 bonus Gold on 4 or 5 Gem matches.

Sounded very piratey

if this is not unique then what wil happen to
Gain 2 bonus Gold on 4 or 5 Gem matches.


Right now that trait is assigned to an Ultra-Rare, so…my best guess would be:

I didn’t see anything on a quick search of this thread - does anyone know what Necro Master (150% bonus souls) and Unbreakable (reduce skull damage by 80%) are theoretically assigned to?

Necromaster is probably Pharus-Ra (Used to be Horus) since his spell is soul based, but I have no idea what Unbreakable is.
There is a Dragon made from diamonds coming up though.

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That’s correct; at present the data supports your analysis.

Not only, strangely…

Yeah, if the data files are to be believed, that Pillage and Plunder trait may end up on our 2-headed friend in Troop_K00_09.png.

Wait, what is going to happen to Gorgotha when a troop with even more skull reduction comes out?

That’s why he was buffed ;-).

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When did Gorgotha get buffed?

This past patch (2.2) Cleanse added to his spell.

I’m gonna do a quick play-by-play on what I think of while looking at the the unreleased troop’s pictures. (Not including the new kingdom.)

<< Click the Arrow (Spoilers, duh!) <<

K00_08: A hardened Lava Elemental - All hope and optimism for destruction, gone.
K00_09: Chief Ettin - They say the way to a giant’s heart is through is stomach, hence the belly armor.

K01_09: C-3PO - I guess this must mean that Bombot is R2-D2?
K01_10: Sauron’s Mech - Even the all-seeing evil eye needs some scouts.
K01_11: You just know she’s English - I have felt this game has been lacking in the “comically oversized swords” department.

K02_07: Trololol - “Who’s that trip-trapping over my bridge?” A booming voice startled the War Goat.
K02_08: Medieval Stargate - Demon immigration laws have been getting really lax as of late. I think we should build a Fortress Gate, and make the demons pay for it!

K03_09: Prince of Zhul’Karia - Looks like Voldemort got his nose and hair back. Magic’s a wonderous thing.

K05_09: Audrey III - “Feed me, Hero! Feed me all night long!”
K06_10: The Swamp Monster - His favorite entertainment network is the one with 6-second videos.

K08_09: Siren, without the makeup - Undine, as in undine on your flesh.

K09_09: Scorpio - *snip snip *
K09_10: Horus? Ra? Hurrah? - Nice try! Even with that mask, it’s clear to tell you’re obviously a bird.

K10_10: Lady Ironbeard - You can see who really wields the hammer in this family.

K11_09: Weregremlin - I told you! Never feed 'em after midnight!

K15_08: Iorek Byrnison - Could there be any greater ally to a little girl with a golden compass?
K15_09: Hedwig - Carrior pidgeons are so non-Wizardry.
K15_10: Unbearlievable - Bears are one thing. Bears with spikes is bad enough. But flying spiked demon bears is when it’s time to move out of the country.

K18_08: Actual Minotaur - He is truly A-maze-ing! Truly truly truly A-maze-ing!

K21_08: Lucifer - “Come at me, bro!” He said, baiting his literal angellic brothers.
K21_09: Satan - If you think this guy and the above are one and the same, you might be a cristian.

K22_06: Ice Elemental - His delayed release makes him feel like he’s getting the cold shoulder.
K22_07: Kill it with fire! - Just what we needed, a flying roach that can withstand the cold.

K24_07: Dragon Sensei - “Wax on. Wax off. Now get deep in the scales, that’s the spot.”

K25_06: Deadbeat the Pirate - Ruler of the sunken seas with his trusty feathered friend, Bluebeak!

Note: If you don’t have access (or know where to find) the images on your computer, this might not be as funny to you.

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Oh I must have missed that. But still, that’s basically a strictly better version of an existing legendary trait.

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Surely for a Mythic troop.

He’ll be fine. He isn’t just a tank (now even better tank with self-cleanse), he’s also a mana generator for the entire team. Also 5% difference on skull damage reduction isn’t big imo.

Speaking of… Anyone know what spell that troop with Unbreakable trait?

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I think it will be a Mythic so maybe Kaziel one. But 80% seems so similar than 75%…

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