[Spoilers] Arcane Traitstones in Glory Packs Apr-Jun 2017

It’s about the right time for a new Arcane calendar thread. This time I’m trying a new format, splitting out the Arcanes for glory from the new troops that you might want to save up Arcanes for (new Kingdoms, Event Legendaries, and Mythics). Although available spoilers include July, the dates seem even more unreliable, so I’m only running this post to the end of June (edit: Now updated to July).

Arcanes for Glory Calendar

04-03 Ultra-Rare from Pan’s Vale is Green/Purple (Arcane Venom)
04-10 Ultra-Rare from Adana is Blue/Yellow; Common from Adana is Yellow (Arcane Blade, Arcane Summer)
04-17 Epic from Suncrest is Blue/Yellow (2 x Arcane Blade)
04-24 Common from Khetar is Brown (Arcane Deep)
05-01 Ultra-Rare from Mist of Scales is Brown/Purple (Arcane Skull)
05-08 Epic from Sword’s Edge is Red/Yellow (2 x Arcane Storm)
05-15 Ultra-Rare from Glacial Peaks is Blue/Yellow (Arcane Blade)
05-22 Ultra-Rares from Whitehelm are Yellow/Purple and Blue/Red (Arcane Plains, Arcane Blood)
05-29 Common from Pridelands is Purple (Arcane Death)
06-05 Ultra-Rare from Ghulvania is Green/Purple (Arcane Venom)
06-12 Epic from Drifting Sands is Green/Brown (2 x Arcane Forest)
06-19 Epic from Divinion Fields is Blue/Green (2 x Arcane Swamp)
06-26 Rare and Ultra-Rare from Grosh-Nak are Brown/Yellow and Green/Red (Arcane Mountain, Arcane Beast)
07-03 Ultra-Rare from Darkstone is Blue/Brown (Arcane Shield)
07-10 Ultra-Rare from Maugrim Woods is Green/Brown (Arcane Forest)
07-17 Ultra-Rare from Urskaya is Red/Purple (Arcane Dark)
07-24 Ultra-Rare from Silverglade is Red/Purple (Arcane Dark)

Arcanes Required Calendar

04-07 Mythic from Khaziel is Blue/Brown/Yellow (21 Arcane Shield, 21 Arcane Mountain)
04-10 Legendary from Adana is Blue/Red (16 Arcane Blood)
04-14 New Suncrest Troops (1 Arcane Summer, 2 Arcane Light, 2 Arcane Venom, 3 Arcane Plains, 3 Arcane Blood, 12 Arcane Venom, 16 Arcane Storm)
05-05 Mythic from Dragon’s Claw is Brown/Red/Purple (21 Arcane Lava, 21 Arcane Dark)
05-29 Legendary from Pridelands is Red/Purple (16 Arcane Dark)
06-02 Mythic from Silverglade is Green/Yellow/Purple (21 Arcane Light, 21 Arcane Plains)
06-19 Legendary from Divinion Fields is Brown/Yellow (16 Arcane Mountain)
07-07 Mythic from Broken Spire is Red/Yellow/Purple (Arcane Storm, Arcane Dark)
07-14 New Urskaya Troops (1 Arcane Deep, 2 Arcane Lava, 2 Arcane Storm, 3 Arcane Spirit, 12 Arcane Venom, 12 Arcane Skull, 16 Arcane Mountain)

8 Star Kingdoms Calendar

03-31 Khetar
04-07 Khaziel
04-10 Adana
05-22 Whitehelm
06-05 Ghulvania

Stormheim whichever week Penguin is the Guild Wars reward.

Thanks to @yonizaf for his spoilery assistance and @pgsundling for the 8 star Kingdom calendar.

As always, all of this is subject to change at any time by the devs and updates/corrections are welcome.


Three of the next five weeks have Arcane Blade? For real? :expressionless:

05-05 Mythic from Dragon’s Claw is Brown/Red/Purple (21 Arcane Lava, 21 Arcane Dark)

05-29 Ultra-Rare from Urskaya is Red/Purple (Arcane Dark)

06-05 Legendary from Pridelands is Red/Purple (16 Arcane Dark)

Well. 29th can’t come soon enough. Never have enough of those things. Of course there’s nothing at all here for Lava, which I have less of …

This isn’t a problem for me personally but… there are no Arcane Mountain events coming and THIS is happening:

04-07 Mythic from Khaziel is Blue/Brown/Yellow (21 Arcane Shield, 21 Arcane Mountain)

05-26 New Urskaya Troops (etc etc… 16 Arcane Mountain)

06-26 Legendary from Divinion Fields is Brown/Yellow (16 Arcane Mountain)

  • There was an event with Arcane Mountain 3 weeks ago. Khaziel Mythic colors were already known back then.
  • There seem to be another Mountain event scheduled to July 3rd (one week after the last Legendary you mentioned).

True. And I have 77 or something of them myself. Just not ideal for others… As for Darks and Lavas, argh.

I really wish on weeks when there is only one new troop one of the old troops with arcanes that won’t be available for a while would be added for glory.

Every single kingdom getting 8 start 1st are all hp/defence. Hope that doesn’t happen that way for 10 star.

Oops, nvm, Khaziel is in there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Whitehelm week is going to be very important for two reasons for me. One is Mercy and the other is Gard’s avatar. Another thing, Will Dragon’s Claw hit 8 stars in the upcoming weeks?

@actreal I just updated the list from @Rasper. So if anyone deserves thanks, it’s him. :slight_smile: Also it was 3/30 for Khetar, since the 3.0 patch was available before reset.

To flesh out the 8-star calendar:

07-03 Grosh-Nak (gaining 1 from GW and 2 from event)
07-10 Darkstone (gaining 1 from GW and 1 from event)
07-17 Maugrim Woods (gaining 1 from event)

fyi: 8 star is a fairly trivial step, 150 gold per day. So at end of July if you had all 8 kingdoms done, you’re still looking at over 2 YEARS to get enough for 1 extra legendary task.

Enlighten me: why Stormheim is listed for Apr 10th? GW prize?

EDIT: I thought Penguin was going to be the troop on the 6th week, and it’s showing now just to show something hehe

@actreal on the old thread @kynetarse pointed out.

Grosh’nak and Darkstone will hit 14 troops without mythics on July 3/10 respectively, since they are getting guild wars troops

@MakoSipper I heard penguin was next week, if not what’s the correct date for it? Yes as a GW prize.

I thought the new GW troops would cost as much as a guardian. When 3.0 hit that’s how they showed on ashtender, but now they show as 30 arcanes and 60 runics like I thought they would. I don’t think most people have noticed that yet.

@actreal thanks for the summary of traitstones for Suncrest. It saves me the trouble of hunting it down when I post my weekly resource strategy for my guildmates. Time to hoard those traitstones for the new city.

I didn’t hear anything, I just thought/assumed :wink:

I love this new format so much!

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Added a 4th tab to my spreadsheet, “History”, listing previous events. I backfilled to January and each entry has a link to Lyya’s database for the troop. Figured it would be a nice visual record of previous arcane releases.


A friendly note for those following this thread: after this week, there will be no more Arcane Venoms until 12 June so in planning your purchases this week, consider that Suncrest has a Green/Purple Rare and Epic and Urskaya has a Green/Purple Epic (totalling 26 Arcane Venoms).


bump, so ppl dont post on the old traitstone spoiler but in here


Ah that was my bad, was mostly looking for where the discussion about the next 7 star kingdom was going to be (and that was the first place I found it), and someone had suggested Stormheim with Penguin being the (assumed) first reward for GW. Looks like this isn’t the case, as we seem to have Aurai for this week (meaning Penguin was last week’s non-existent war’s reward)

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Seems like I was right in my assumption hehe

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Spoilers from the latest update suggest that the new Kingdom has been pushed out by the delay of Suncrest.

Details to July now updated in the top post.


Whoa, three months after now? Guess I won’t be waiting that long to burn keys for both kingdoms… spread the word…