(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

What do you mean sentinels?

AFAIR sentinels were just the GW bonus stat purchases, not a type of troop. Do you mean the GW-exclusive troops?


Right. Although I thought there might be a correlation like guild statues and guardians, but now that I think of it, since there is one per city it won’t be a 1:1 mapping. are they going to be 60 runics and 30 single color arcanes like guardians?

Currently the same as normal commons.

Bummer, I thought there was going to be something to suck up all my extra single color arcanes from my trait farming before Ashtender.com Thanks for the info.

The data is by no means final. It’s quite likely they will introduce some higher cost with the Guild Wars update.

Personally I hope not. Arcane Rage is one of the few arcanes I’m still short on, and there doesn’t seem to be an event scheduled for it. Adding 30 more to the requirement list would bother me much more than that pile of excess Summer stones.


###Next week’s event troop (2017-04-03)

This spoiler image is fan-assembled from game files, and is UNOFFICIAL

REMINDER: All future troop details are subject to change at any time. (Retrieved 2017-03-27)

Ultra-Rare / Pan’s Vale / Elemental Fey
Spell: Watery Grave (13 Green/Purple) - Drain an enemy’s Mana. Create Blue Gems equal to the Mana drained. [1:1]
Traits: Fey Bond / Water Heart / Mana Shield
Requires: Minor Magic, Arcane Venom Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 19; Life - 26; Armor - 8; Magic - 0 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: Give Auntie Nyx a big kiss…
Will arrive in 7 days (2017-04-03).

###Up-to-date Spoiler Index:


Wow… so potentially 20+ blue gems created if draining a fully base Mythic O.o should be interesting I guess.

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Whoa thats a cool new troop!

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Yay Pan’s Vale event! Is that mean we will finally see Crescendo in the shop? :grinning:


Surely needs rebalancing to have say 3+gems with 2:1 ratio… no spell should ever make more than 13-14 gems on the board (of same colour). Wary… seems same mistake to be made over and again…

As if EK and Valk needed a perfectly colour set friend…

I agree, that 1:1 ratio can’t be a thing lol. Worth noting it costs 13 on an Ultra though, and is conditional. I think it just needs to be tuned - 3 + 2:1 does sound good, maybe also lower the cost to 12… *shrug

That’s what Nimhain said on Discord, I assume it still holds true:


Looks promising #Nyx

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Sounds like early game players have a banner to use with their Ranger teams now.

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Except that its a distant kingdom and takes a lot of time and resources to get to, so maaaaybe not?

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I used my Silvermaiden/Ranger/Ranger/Alchemist team probably longer than I should have. I would guess to about 130 or even 140.

Then a dragon team fell into my lap with some good drops and TDS in the event chests. :smile:

Rumor has it crescendo will be the bundle next week??? Can anyone confirm?

See the post 5 above yours for as much confirmation as we have to date…

Looks pretty good (though not as easy to use on mobile as I expected).

Are you planning to update it regularly? I’d like to know that before I start sending people to use it.

oooo any idea what the new Adana troops are?