(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Invention looks much the same as Big, which isn’t unique at all… but yes, it’s new…


I had a brain fart. 4am is not a great time to make forum posts. I forgot about big and Huge.

Teslas unique trait is bad imo. But its second trait scales with its spell so its good, and its spell is a potential huge nuke.

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The unique trait is actually almost the same as Wulfgarok’s third trait. (though Attack and Armor instead of Wulf’s Attack and Magic)

I just made the connection, her third trait doesn’t even help herself, she isn’t a mech.

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The key word with Overload is “potential”. It’s better than Krystenax if it is the first spell to go off in a match (and nobody has matched any skulls). If fired late in the match it doesn’t even do as much damage as Dragon Soul on an all-dragon team. Guess Tesla will be a frontline damage sponge like Blade Dancer. Actually, Overload may be categorically worse than Blade Dancer’s spell. At least Blade Dance scales off of Dancer’s magic as its base damage, and for a lower mana cost.

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The damage is boosted by all enemy and ally armour. My legendary (fully trained) courage gives all other allies 30 armour per cast, so casting it just once gives 22 extra damage to overload. Unlike TDS, overload becomes more useful later in the game as the damage is split between surviving enemies. TDS is a dog when you only have one strong enemy left (e.g. through summon or resurrection).

Agreed, but no complaints from me as arcane blood stones are the ones that I need the most of!


Who said wulfgars unique trait is good? O.o

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It’s okay. Works well with Amira, and maybe Fenrir. Would be better if any Wargare troops actually had any board control or utility…


Wasn’t suggesting it was, just commenting on the similarity.

Works fine on mobile to me, even better in landscape but perfectly legible in portrait

Great. I added it to my Spoiler Index, and may suggest it to my guildmates and anyone else who asks.

Just too big, I guess, and no way to zoom down (Chrome on an Android phone), so I can’t fully see even one single event at once, without scrolling from side to side. It might be better on bigger screens, I guess.

To the collection page - I’m not sure is a good idea. It assumes people use the collection, and may be useless and rather confusing if someone doesn’t use it.

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Can you show me a screenshot later on? I’m surprised you can’t see even a single small event like Blackhawk :open_mouth:

And I agree about the link. Also, it’s not that hard to just open your collection and filter accordingly.

EDIT: Nevermind. I tried with the Reader link and I can’t scroll properly sideways all the way, either =/ I’ll try to think of something.

EDIT 2: Now I’m bummed. I think I’ll drop this one (since pc users can use @Rasper’s spreadsheet just fine, and it doesn’t work well on mobile), unless I figure something out.

EDIT 3: Yes, I don’t see a point anymore. Sorry for the trouble, but you may remove that link now, @yonizaf

Seriously? what about all that talk of how the colors are not right in the spreadsheet, and it being better with images from the game files? Your Calendar was indeed pretty and useful (on PC at least), and I assume some people would prefer using it.

Also can’t you just email and ask them to fix? I’m sure they’ll be happy to, nobody wants to provide a broken service.

They probably want you to download their app, actually. And that’s just out of the question.

It looked prettier, yes, but not really necessary. It’s not as useful as I thought it would be. And it doesn’t fulfill its primary purpose. I guess I’ll just get used to the colors! :wink:

The Calendar has been deleted already, before I wasted my whole day trying to fix it or find alternatives. I kinda had the feeling I woud all be in vain when I started it yesterday, but I’m a bit stubborn and took it to the end :sweat_smile:

Anyone else feel like this is too strong for a common? I mean, I love it and shouldn’t complain because I don’t want it to be nerfed… but this does a whole lot more than almost every common (excluding guardians of course) and even a lot of blues.

Destroys gems of a chosen color, gives armor, and has armored as a trait. I just feel like this should be a higher rarity and nothing about the troop should change :stuck_out_tongue:

Like… this should be the common! Except it has stone skin… it’s has a huuuge disadvantage of transforming a random color, when the common can choose any (based off mana colors) to destroy and give mana back. And it has a secondary effect when this ultra rare doesn’t.

I really don’t want any nerfs to the common because it’s a neat troop that I want to try out, but I feel the need to point out that balancewise it doesn’t seem to fit in my mind.

This legendary looks interesting. The third trait is practically useless. I don’t like how we keep getting high rarity traits that give static stats like this when these numbers are so insignificant compared to the health, attack, and armor pools we have. The only useful stat to have more of is magic. And these traits only work with certain types… as if the trait is strong enough to warrant that… it seems to be more geared for early to mid game maybe? When those bonus stats would be at least a bit more useful? But since it is high rarity it might be not be received until it’s too late :stuck_out_tongue:

It didn’t alarm me… now musing if it should… 10 mana to generate typically 8-10 mana to a chosen ally… and a tiny Armour gain… mmmm should probably be a rare not a common, but it’s not that alarming, and as likely to screw you on the board as favour you…

Agree, this is rubbish, and should be less than 11 mana.

Agree. Feels like a waste of a great concept. It gets weaker with every cast. Now if it did true damage… which (1) electricity surely should? and (2) then wouldn’t get weakened with every cast… and the numbers/boost ratio would need sorting…

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Cook them inside their armor! :imp:


Well, if I’m not mistaken this is destroy which is different from remove. Remove gives you mana, while destroy doesn’t, iirc (I might be switching things here tho). So in that case you’re actually depriving one ally from it’s mana source, making this spell rather dangerous to use (thus probably justifying common rarity).

You are switching them, destroy gives the mana, remove does not.