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[Spoilers] Arcane Traitstones in Glory Packs Jul-Oct 2017

UPDATE: This thread is out-of-date and is no longer being updated.

As requested, I’m making a new thread with all the upcoming spoilers currently available in the game data (ending 23 October 2017).

So, more than ever, this information is fluid and ever-changing, up to and including Kingdoms coming out at different times or in different orders than planned. There are no promises that this list will be completely up-to-date with the latest changes to the in-game data. You have been warned.

I’m keeping the format from last time, but dropping the 8-star calendar.

Arcanes for Glory Calendar

06-12 Epic from Drifting Sands is Green/Brown (2 x Arcane Forest)
06-19 Epic from Divinion Fields is Blue/Green (2 x Arcane Swamp)
06-26 Rare and Ultra-Rare from Grosh-Nak are Brown/Yellow and Green/Red (Arcane Mountain, Arcane Beast)
07-03 Ultra-Rare from Darkstone is Blue/Brown (Arcane Shield)
07-10 Rare from Maugrim Woods is Green/Brown (Arcane Forest)
07-17 Ultra-Rare from Urskaya is Red/Purple (Arcane Dark)
07-24 Ultra-Rare from Silverglade is Red/Purple (Arcane Dark)
07-31 Common from Khaziel is Blue (Arcane Stoic)
08-07 Ultra-Rare and Common from Leonis Empire are Green/Yellow and Red (Arcane Light and Arcane Rage)
08-14 Epic from Forest of Thorns is Blue/Brown (2 x Arcane Shield)
08-21 Epic from Glacial Peaks is Brown/Red (2 x Arcane Lava)
08-28 Ultra-Rare from Suncrest is Red/Purple (Arcane Dark)
09-04 Epic from Zaejin is Blue/Purple (2 x Arcane Spirit)
09-11 Ultra-Rare from Urskaya is Green/Brown (Arcane Forest)
09-18 Epic from Merlantis is Blue/Yellow (2 x Arcane Blade)
09-25 ???
10-02 Ultra-Rare and Common from Blackhawk are Green/Red and Blue (Arcane Beast and Arcane Stoic)
10-09 Epic from Pans Vale is Brown/Purple (2 x Arcane Skull)
10-16 Ultra-Rare from Drifting Sands is Yellow/Purple (Arcane Plains)
10-23 Epic from Dragons Claw is Blue/Purple (2 x Arcane Spirit)

Arcanes Required Calendar

06-19 Legendary from Divinion Fields is Brown/Yellow (16 Arcane Mountain)
07-07 Mythic from Broken Spire is Red/Yellow/Purple (21 Arcane Storm, 21 Arcane Dark)
07-14 New Kingdom Urskaya (1 Arcane Deep, 2 Arcane Lava, 2 Arcane Storm, 3 Arcane Spirit, 12 Arcane Venom, 12 Arcane Skull, 16 Arcane Mountain)
07-31 Legendary from Khaziel is Brown/Red (16 Arcane Lava)
08-04 Mythic from Mist of Scales is Blue/Green/Yellow (21 Arcane Swamp, 21 Arcane Blade)
09-01 Mythic from Forest of Thorns is Green/Brown/Purple (21 Arcane Forest, 21 Arcane Venom)
09-04 Legendary from Zaejin is Green/Yellow (16 Arcane Light)
09-15 New Kingdom Merlantis (1 Arcane Stoic, 2 Arcane Light, 2 Arcane Forest, 3 Arcane Blood, 3 Arcane Swamp, 12 Arcane Spirit, 16 Arcane Shield)
10-06 Mythic from Urskaya is Blue/Green/Brown (21 Arcane Shield, 21 Arcane Forest)
10-09 Legendary from Pans Vale is Red/Yellow (16 Arcane Storm)

??? New Kingdom Shentang (1 Arcane Stealth, 2 Arcane Blade, 2 Arcane Shield, 2 Arcane Plains, 3 Arcane Dark, 16 Arcane Lava, 16 Arcane Storm, 16 Arcane Beast)

There is also a new set of what appear to be 7 Guild Wars Troops - 2 Purple and one of each other colour, with no dates specified.

As always, all of this is subject to change at any time by the devs and updates/corrections are welcome.


allright two double arcanes for nearest 2 weeks, brace yourselves in the glory!


Could you possibly put the “2x” on all instances of Epic troops? You have it on the first two weeks but then don’t after that. It really helps to see those discount weeks better!


Sure can. Thanks for reminding me to add it to the new data.


You have the Broken Spire mythic listed twice (july and august), one of those is Forest of Thorns
You have no entry for August 21

The kingdom releases are just 1 month between them (July, August, September), that could be rough on the resources!

I’ve updated http://tinyurl.com/GoWEvents with the new information.


No Arcane Spirits until 23 October! That makes me incredibly sad. Now I have to farm up the stones for Mab’s final trait or be EXTREMELY patient.


Anyone got a pictorial representation of it?

like this:


Thank you! I was looking for this

Screen shot from the 2nd tab of spreadsheet I linked above

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Fixed now, thanks.

So with 3 new kingdoms in 3 months, assuming that holds, the right “maximizer” strategy would be to hold gold keys until the release of the third one, yes?

If you can be that patient, yes. I think I’m going to spend the gold keys on the first one then save up again for 2 and 3, but I’m not wedded to the idea.


The next kingdom should be already be out but devs postponed its release.
It could be the same for these 3 kingdoms (2 months delay between their release).

Does anyone know what arcane stones will be needed for the next mythic troop? On the spreadsheet it says “colors changing”. I’m trying to plan out my glory spending for stones.

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We only have three announced kingdoms in the spoilers, right? The fourth would be noteworthy, since there are currently only three available spaces and no announced plans to expand the map.

No, because the spoiler data still says the original colours per the top post.

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One of the known new kingdoms will sit at an unmarked point on the map. The island below Darkstone is still unoccupied.

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Random note: Karakoth hasn’t appeared as an event since January 1st and isn’t scheduled till after October.

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Mythic timetable updated.

Pro tip: now’s a good time to check your stocks of Arcane Swamp because this week’s your last chance for a while…