[Spoilers] Arcane Traitstones in Glory Packs Apr-Jun 2017

I see two options:

  1. three months between new kingdom release is the new standard
  2. another kingdom could be released before the one than we know cross fingers. It’s not like a new kingdom name appear in the game file ;-). And so this kingdom could be released in May :slight_smile: . Or not.

The arcane calendar portion needs to be updated for the legendary troops from Pridelands and Divinion Fields, since their Kingdom weeks were moved up a week.

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My guess is they’re taking a month off from kingdoms to do the change over to Unity, as @Sirrian mentioned that they would be doing that in the next 1-2 months.


Hope so, that’s an excellent reason.

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Assuming the next kingdom stays as scheduled, that’ll be 13 weeks.

You’ll want:
25,000 gold keys (64 commons, 191 of each, 50% per chest = 24,448 chests to mythic)
4,500 glory keys (67 rares, 91 of each. You’ll get 60 from gold keys, so 31 * 67 * 2.1 glory chest/rare = 4,438 chests to mythic)
400 event keys (calculation is trickier, but worked out to 389 to get 16 of each epic)

If you can bank 2000 gold keys, 350 glory keys, and 30 event keys each week you should be in position to 5* next kingdom when the event starts.


Thanks @Rasper Cool so I don’t need to record numbers after all. commons/rares was 22,100 gold keys and 5,050 glory keys for me.

I just got pointed onto this and am trying to figure out what it means. The top section, “ARCANES FOR GLORY Calendar” is self explanatory. But what are the “ARCANES REQUIRED Calendar” and “8-STAR KINGDOMS Calendar?”

Required is for when troops will be released that don’t also come with their arcane stone for purchase, such as a Legendary from event chests or Mythics

8-star is for when the Kingdom is predicted to have 14 troops possible, allowing for the 8th kingdom power level to be reached.


Important news - get ready to spend up on Arcane Dark in 4-5 hours from now…

To be clear, there’s both a Mythic and a Legendary coming in May needing these. :smiling_imp:


To those who follow this thread but not the other (full spoilers) one, Nim says the troop planned for next week’s event was pushed back to later, so no blades next week. We don’t know what it will be yet.


RIP my 30,000 Glory

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15 -> 101, thank you Necrezza! Always run out of this type of Arcane. Always!

Once again, cross-posting from the other thread.


@yonizaf do we know what next weeks kingdom and troop are? I know the arcane is gonna be purp/brown but thats all i can find on it

Unless they’ve developed a brand new troop, it’s probably the Ultra-Rare from Mist of Scales that was scheduled a couple of weeks later.


This popped on facebook

Looks like an undead naga, which fits Mist of Scales


Was about to post this (both seeing it three hours late lol).

This is about 13 hours earlier than it should be up… and the link goes to Page Not Found. @Saltypatra ?

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Is next week still scheduled to be yellow/red? I was just wishing earlier today that my Moloch and Garuda were traited.

It still appears to be so. The OP is up-to-date (edit: including more detail of July Mythic).

Since penguin was released last week, the top post can be updated with the date 8 stars Stormheim was possible, i.e. after reset this week when we got our GW rewards.

{grumbles about #5 Unrepentant and #6 Hoguns being drop kicked back to bracket 2… Then again bracket 2 is less stress…:stuck_out_tongue:}