[Spoilers] Arcane Traitstones in Glory Packs Apr-Jun 2017

I ran the number off @Rasper’s spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hvL6AijrIk4B2HHAh0A9yh3J7jVHlN2DV54fINvRkV8/edit#gid=0

Also for the 8 star calendar, after Ghulvania 6/5 should be:

6/26 Grosh-Nak
7/3 Darkstone
7/7 Forest of Thorns
7/10 Maugrim Woods
8/4 Broken Spire
9/1 Mist of Scales

Although what’s more interesting is Silverglade hitting 7 stars (7/24) .

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To those capable of looking up things like this in the files (sadly I am not one of them :frowning: ):
Is there anything in there on which troops are coming after July 24th? And then specifically which traitstones should be accompanying them in the Glory packs? I’m trying to determine if I can wait and get Arcane Rage and Arcane Stoic from glory packs or that I should go traitstone farming. Thanks! :smiley:

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And is there isn’t does anyone have any idea when that info may be added?

The data I see includes all troops to be released up until October 23rd, as well as 3 new kingdoms. However, much of the data after July 24th looks partial and work-in-progress, missing troop images, some spell descriptions, traits or even types, so we assume the data to be highly volatile and not very dependable (high chance to change).

If people want the full schedule anyway, I don’t mind putting it here.


Like @yonizaf, I had been waiting for the post July data to “settle” before posting a new thread, as it’s really annoying to have to keep updating the OP with weekly changes to the spoiler timetable (sometimes quite significant changes).

But as long as everyone understands that it will change (the next Mythic at least, according to Nimhain) I can post a new thread like this one but going until October in the next couple of days.


Updated thread now posted.


I haven’t witnessed this yet. Anyone else ?