"Joker's Wild" Ultra Board Control Team -- PC | Mobile | Console

Hey everybody,

I posted this to my channel as a “first peek” for my subs, but now it’s time to let everybody in on it.

FYI also celebrated my 18th month of sobriety on Feb 14 :joy: !! :joy: !! :joy: !!

###edit: I picked the AI team intentionally with Gorgotha at the top for the 75% Skull Damage reduction, Deep Borer’s 50% Skull Damage reduction and the team’s bonus(es!) from this week’s Event boosts. I required a team with insane durability to permit me sufficient rounds to explain enough of the strategy! If there are a couple of foes you would not normally go up against with Joker’s Wild, it’s a team headed by Gorgotha or a team that does Freezing.

edit2: At the end of the vid I say I’ll try to figure out the number of moves. This is what I did in a quick count, might be off by one: First move swap 3 Red. Second move swap 3 Red. Third move Cast Alchemist & chain a swap. Fourth move swap 3 purple to “goose” the board. Fifth move consisted of 20 swaps/casts each resulting in an Extra Turn all chained together until the win. Can somebody help me figure out the total potential damage dealt (before reduced by Traits)?




And you still didn’t need to use War Sphinx to shuffle even once!

Yeah! I was almost mad that I didn’t get a shot to show it off! :laughing:

Honestly though, I could not have asked for a better match to make a strategy video by.

I was going berserk the other day because things weren’t going my way so thank you RNG :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :slight_smile:

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Congrats and that’s a great milestone!


Congrats on your 18 months

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