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Was something tweaked again?

I just played about 15 games and lost 8 of them. Literally everything I do gives the AI extra turns or hurts me in some way. I used 7 different teams. Seriously what gives? This game is unplayable like this. I can only win games with two teams consistently and that gets boring real quick. Sorry, I just had to vent.

I’ve played this game for over a year every day and finally it just seems to make me mad to the point that I hate it.

Fix whatever is wrong please!!!

What were the 7 teams you used?

Was it against 4x peasants? :rofl:


pretty standard stuff.

Dragon team, Drakkulus/Humility Team/ Infernus Team/ Wisp Team/ Freeze Team / Goblin Team

Long story short, if it involves random mechanics such as explode or create gems, I get hosed almost every time while the AI gets 3-15 turns very frequently.

The only teams I can get pretty much 100% win rate are gard and kraken hard looping teams.

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Sorry for your bad luck…

I would tell you my team but it aint exactly a secret

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hahahaha no but I have had some very easy dungeon 1 matches where the AI goes crazy on extra turns and almost kills my team with 4 x the stats hahaha

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It is what it is, I’m just venting but things are a little out of control to the point where I just shake my head in disbelief many times I play.

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Hrmmm i dont get that so unfortunately i cant say i feel your pain brudda

This seems to be the new thing with Unity I’ve found. A lot of the teams I used to play and have success with don’t seem to work as well.

It now looks like that either looping as you’ve suggested or constant mana drain/Silence are the more viable and consistent options now.

Or fallout face smashing with Ketras is my preferred method now. :+1:t2:

They can silently tweak things that screw up gem distribution, and when they do tweak they keep it quiet. Unless they screw it up so bad they can’t keep it quiet.

We haven’t changed any of the AI or RNG since moving to Unity. :slight_smile:


I think there are a lot of players who smoke too much Colorado then play GOW and start seeing things that aren’t really there.


I’ve had that happen against the King Firemantle, felt like he cast at least 15 times in a row. Thankfully his damage wasn’t very great and it chose a new target every cast. :grin:

Nothing has changed at a first glance. IMHO, elimination of 4-match surges have amplified streakiness of pRNG slightly. Previously, there were more random factors as surges are random. While now, there are less factors and if it is streaky, it continues a bit longer lasting through more matches and has a bit more impact overall due to its extended nature.

Speaking of which, I lost two matches this week to a single TDS card with almost intact teams. I first killed all TDS buddies and I think I used Mab. But then, TDS just kept looping and looping powering itself and spawning its own mana and multiple skulls until it killed everything. When it happened for the first time, I was left speechless for about a minute and actually was quite fascinated. IIRC, I’ve seen this for the first time, rather peculiar event. IDK what the chance of this happening but I think normally, chance of TDS getting extra turn might be about 50-60%. So, having 6-7 extra turns is not very likely but not completely impossible. Nothing is impossible in GoW. I’ve had starting boards twice in GW on a brown day that had 2 and then 3 brown. Chance for 2 brown on starting board is about 7E-5 objectively speaking.

Look at these stats on this guy. Xbox. Sounds like something was changed according to this. 20170930_010649
I blurred out the name so I hope this does not count as a call out. I am not trying to do that. The AI always gets treats like this after an update on console. :unamused::unamused:

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They’re losing on purpose.

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That is totally normal nowadays I’m afraid. There are times, when the game almost feels “normal” again and then there are those like you describe… It is like an AI boost kicks in and it wants you to lose. Nothing you can do about it. If the AI tries to get you it will, if not with cascades, than with skulls, preferable when only 2 troops are left (opponent).

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While, we have got wisps in the game, and thats all.

Which is a shame as it is a lot less enjoyable as a game now


Cant agree more.We players couldnt check whether ai is cheating, but as we could see, many players suffer from the new environment and even quit the game.