(Sk)ultra damage / anti-BD team

Happy 2017 everybody :slight_smile:

It was a bit of a rough Christmas for me, but I’m back after doing some personal reflection and real-world accounting on how much actual good I have going in my life lol.

Anyways, here is a new fun team I have been playing and wanted to share with you all.


Glad to see you back! I was going to say that I didn’t like that Sylvanimora was totally mana-blocked, but she’s really just there for the 3rd trait, so it really isn’t a drawback. Cool team - I might try it out!

My anti-BD team is Gorgotha, Emperina, anything, anything (right now, Boar Rider, Dwarf Lord). I came up with that for a daily task Khaziel team, but found that it smokes the Manticore, Manticore, DB, BD team. Gorgotha is so resilient, and Emperina can keep refreshing Gorg’s life and boosting his attack, so even with a buffed Manticore getting fed skulls by BD, they still can’t get two troops deep on me. My last two troops cover off the mana colours and help to plow through the lineup with spell damage. Boar Rider gives some nice board control options, too. I always bait the manticores by grabbing some blue, green or purple mana at the beginning and don’t mind having the last two troops stunned.


I’ve been trying to 3rd trait Gorgotha for sooooo long, but I keep getting my attention diverted to other projects!

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Best 16 Arcanes I ever spent!

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Haha, that’s my khaziel and also my brown mana team.
I agree, was the first troop I spent my mountain stones on.

I really like your narration. The team itself looks cool too, I never thought about combining Sylv and a troop with entrapment. Just checked ashtender and I guess the only option besides Dire Wolf is Cockatrice, which could also be interesting (mana drain, some gem creation, flying…). Now I want to play around with this idea.

Also, Gorgotha is majestic.

I tried it and I like it. Another fun, unique team! Brb, going to share your video with my guild. :slight_smile:

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He’s back, Krudler is back with a video!!! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the video. I’m going to make sure I get syl traited up now

This team was so much fun and extremely effective. :smiley: I loved crushing pesky Wraith/BD and Courage/BD teams with it today. It’s surely a keeper.

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I accidentally left it on PvP Defence due to the team-building bug. Interesting… but of course this is just a tiny sample. Hopefully it will prove over time to be a good PvP defense, at least until everybody figures it out lol

Interesting that you bring that up, because that’s the team I was working on countering when I built this team.

Initially I was using Rock Troll 3rd Traited to stun the Wraith and The Great Maw to devour the Bone Dragon. Then I realized that an Entangle would kill both birds with one stone by preventing both the Wraith’s Freeze/Death Mark and the Skull damage.

This was too much history to include in the video but it is interesting and worthwhile to note because these teams are the results of many hours if not days of trial-and-error.