My Favorite PVP Speed Team


My first video so please be nice.

I also made some bad matches now that I watched it but you get the idea…


Good video brudda and nice team! My only piece of constructive criticism is lower the game audio next time. It was drowning you out at times.

Keep em coming and if you have a youtube channel i will subscribe!


Nice team, thanks for sharing. About the vídeo, you’re a natural. I’m looking forward for more :slight_smile:


I am out of likes, but will make sure to give you one. Cross my fingers u will continue with making some more videos in the future. :slight_smile:


I have maybe about six Infernus teams that I regularly rotate through, and a ton more that I’ve tried, but I’ve never used this particular configuration. Thanks for the share!


That is a damn good team, thank you for sharing it.


Thank you again! :smiley:


Nice video. Thanks for posting. Yes, like me when I post videos, I always make a couple of bad moves but that wasn’t the point. The point was showing that team and the benefits of the traits etc. Very good!


Your team is very good and a nice alternative to my favourite infernus team of


Good team brudda! :slight_smile:


Good job. Make more videos and share your teams moar! Moar I say!

I was watching and thinking “don’t you dare Transform that Brown… don’t do it!!!” lmao

May I suggest that next time, if the AI isn’t ready to go crazy with Casts, try to “massage” the board a little more so that your Transform ends with a bigger gather and ET. You might have had the fight done at that point if you held the Cast for 1 more round!!! At the very bottom right, had you done the Blue/Brown swap upwards, the Red & Brown above would have cascaded into a nice Red & Brown 5 Match.

Great job though! Great vid and when I get the troops I want to take the deck out for a whirl

edit: Pause right at this point to see what I mean [ ]

… and when the board shuffled, you missed an cascading 4-Match of skulls…


I mean this in a nice way. I miss stuff alllllll the time. I’m not trying to be mr. picky :slight_smile:


yeah, I noticed all that when I watched it but figured oh well. I use this team purely for going as fast as possible and even with bad moves it works 99% of the time. Thanks for the suggestions.


auto pilot… I dig it… I get in the zone or a rhythm and play to my plan a lot too


Like the video! I do agree with turning down game volume though. As a side note, I enjoy the team as well! Thanks.