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Please try my newest team: Ma'b Itch / Knight Coro-NOT

Good afternoon and happy Friday everybody =)

I’ve been so overwhelmed with the :smile: positivity :smile: that I’ve received from this community it really gives me the heart to keep making new builds and new videos.

Perhaps I’ve spent too much time in other realms online, where it seems that when you try to give back, all you get is negative comments from poopy-pants commenters. I am not finding that here and wow is it ever a breath of fresh air :partly_sunny: :sunny: :rainbow:

Today’s new team has a couple of cool names, oh I’m soooo funny, and it lets you mow down teams that use Queen Mab, Mercy, Khorvash, Knight Coronet and pretty much anything else that uses Blue Mana

I really look forward to getting the constructive criticism and feedback that has flowed so freely. Thanks for checking out my video and let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

edit: Does anybody know why this video won’t embed??

edit 2: Thanks Macawi, I got it :slight_smile:

edit 3: Forgot to say in the video Emperor Khorvash is also a good 1st troop because he can do that little extra true damage that is sometimes needed before Amira does her thing


Glad to help, nice video btw.

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Solid team! Beat of a one-trick with Amira, so definitely need to choose carefully, but it’s very fun and absolutely wrecks the right team. Fun watching very feared troops get one-shot.

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Will try this one out. Just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work mate. Love your vids and your builds.

Great video. You’ve really inspired me to look at some alternative lineups. I’m enjoying the mix and match of it, although I’m running myself out of Souls and Traitstones faster than ever!

You’re telling me! I have barely been able to try most of the line-ups you suggested in the last thread! Need… more… sooooouls


I was going to focus on PVP and Gold this week and take a break from Explore mode for a while. So much for that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nice team. :smile_cat: It’s great timing as well. I just ascended Amira to legendary today, so I’ll give this a try.


Great presentation of the info Mr Bacon. Will make an Amira team when she is released on console.

Cheers :beer:

Who, me?

Yes sir, you already know!

Very nice video, and that team really looks good, ill try it as soon as i get some souls :smiley:

I wish I could try this, but still don’t have a Hellcat… and I’m Lvl 415 :cry:

Nice line-up, Amira is a great card to build around. I just wish i could make better themed teams with her.

Have you tried a Spirit Fox with her? That along with an exploder and/or transformer seems to work well for me.

Yup, i’ve made a little team that is ok with my strange taste. :sweat_smile:

Are you thinking animals, fox/wolf, troop type, looks, skills, traits or some specific combination?

edit: Amira is a fox and Hellcat is a… well, cat :smile: so it looks like there’s 2 out of 4 that pair up nicely so far

That’s a fair point. But there’s a job for every tool and a tool for every job and this one does their job so well :slight_smile:

I think it is important to have a stable of different teams and this one fits in nicely for certain PvP teams that are almost too popular lately.

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Thanks for all of your input KruderTheHorse, keep up the great work. BTW where were you when I was level 100? lol

More about troop types and looks. She could pair fairly well with Tyri, both are rogues and Tyri can provide mana for herself and Amira or herself and Giant spider for example. Tyri will give somes maps here and there too. But the thematic thing is more a personal thing for casual play. :slight_smile:

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