Video: Best PvP Teams 2.2

Hello everyone! Today I go over some of the best PvP teams for version 2.2 of Gems of War! The most notable 2 changes is the introduction of Silverglade, enchant effect, and the new event system.

Teams in chronological order:

1: 2:16 Behemoth | Krystenax | The Dragon Soul | Famine

2: 4:44 Wraith | Bone Dragon | Courage | Famine

3: 7:49 Dragonian Monk | Krystenax | The Dragon Soul | Sylvanimora

4: 9:52 Honor | The Dragon Soul | Gard’s Avatar | Apothecary

5: 12:10 War and Peace | Valkyrie | Justice | Queen Mab

6: 15:34 Princess Elspeth | Bombot | Black Manacles | Golem

7: 16:50 Sheggra | Mercy | Hellcat | Courage

8: 19:34 Gorgotha | The Dragon Soul | Giant Spider | Death

9: 22:37 Humility | Humility | Bone Dragon | Draakulis

10: 24:47 Sheggra | Webspinner | Green Seer | Kraken


Sorry if you mentioned it in the video I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but what happened to Krystenax/Sylvanimora/The Dragon Soul/Shadow Dragon?

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Another team I thought was a very good one, is Mercy Alchemist Hellcat Gard’s avatar. Odd that didn’t make the top

I tried to minimize the amount of all dragon teams I showed, otherwise it would have been more than 1/2 the list.


I showed the untraited version of Gard’s Avatar instead. I do prefer the one you mentioned, but a lot of people don’t have Gard’s Avatar maxed in order to utilize the alchemist/hellcat loop.

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Surprised that

Bone Dragon
Deep Borer
Bone Dragon
Bone Dragon

wasn’t on there.

The Dragon Soul
Settite Warrior

It`s not 100% bulletproof but still is fun to use :stuck_out_tongue:

The whole list could be just dragon teams.

Honor, humility, mab, gard’s avatar
Great fun looping the guardians then casting gards when 175+ to one shot. Even if you miss with a guardian, more often than not mab has frozen the opposition.

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The Sheggra team at 16:50 was good before the buff. One of the faster teams I could come up with.

Yeah, several of these teams were good prior to this patch. I mainly wanted to compile most of what is good now due to some drastic card changes occurring next patch.

People said I was crazy when I first posted that team. :wink:

TDS as the most versatile troop, showing up on 4 of the top 10. Sounds about right :wink:

You could make a case for several troops being like that, though.

And he could have made a top 10 list with literally nothing but Bone Dragon, too. :wink:


Hey tacet, was just curious about your latest pvp build video you posted. You excluded a team that I feel may be the best in the game at the moment. I’ve seen you use it before also. It is manticore, courage, bone dragon, courage. I’ve played around with a few of the teams you mentioned, and I think they pale in comparison. The wraith bone dragon build and dragon only team are both really good, but I would still give the edge to the manticore bd build. I’m just wondering why you would leave that one out. I feel it is fast and very powerful. At least until bone dragon is finally nerfed.

Manticore is so 2016. :slight_smile:


I still think manticore, courage, bone dragon, courage is the best team at the moment. Tell me which one is better please.

For invade or defense?

For invade, Assassin is better than Manticore. For defense, Wraith is better than Manticore.

Assassin with what? Wraith with what? I’m talking about teams. Also, I still feel manticore is better for invades. Impervious is clutch, and the mana drain can be a life saver at times.

With 2 x Courage and Bone Dragon. Sorry, I didn’t make that clear.

Assassin kills the entire enemy team so fast, lacking Impervious rarely ever comes into play. Because of the bizarre way status effects are applied and the broken way Bone Dragon skulls matches are calculated, it’s not uncommon to see Assassin kill the last TWO troops on one hit. I’ve even seen him kill the first troop with skull damage and kill the remaining THREE with his third trait.

On defense, the combination of Death Mark and Frozen on Wrait, combined with Bone Dragon’s skulls, is quite possibly the most annoying team ever devised. It’s 1000x worse than Manticore, even before Manticore was nerfed.