Just for some fun :)

Sooo, I’m am one that plays my battles with a different team about every battle now, I like to switch some teams up and try different things, try and find some winning, some fast, etc. I do like those good synergy, good pacing teams and such. I do get sometimes a little bored with running that same 10-12 teams over and over. I am willing to take up any good, soild, team suggestions! Just to keep the interest level high and switching things up is always a good feeling. So if anyone can help me, be free to either pm, or post :smiley:

Here is one of favorite teams that nobody really uses.
Team Wolf

Also check out my Team Compendium for some great ideas!

Happy Hunting!! :wink:


This is also in the Compendium @efh313 linked, but one of my favourite teams with lesser used troops is:

Green Death
Green Seer

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Gardening greats
Gard’s Avatar
Queen Mab
Double yellow or brown /yellow banner

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Thanks, gave me some ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

I will get too this asap! :smiley:

This team isn’t bad, just gotta rely on a loop :slight_smile:

Also I forgot, I used Dark Elven banner for that team (+1 Green / +1 Purple)

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It’s brilliant because if you miss, mab freezes the opposition and you’re right back in it. Loop guardians until gard’s has 175-200 armour then let em have it.

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give this a shot Maw/Alchemist/infernal king/Mercy - banner: +2 yellow or banner +1red +1yellow

good for speed and gold! it only hurts vs multiple spirit fox cause they take your yellows you need

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I’ve always kept this in the back pocket, but no sheggra?

no achemist makes yellow for infernal king rather than pretty much removing all red, also ive had sheggra bug on me and turn red gems skulls then make red gems without change those

also infernal king fills up alchemist if you do it right

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Ahh I like when all that reds there and cast a sheggra and absolutely one shot them. :stuck_out_tongue: But thank you I will try this one!!

If there is any good, fun fast teams I’d love to hear :smiley:

My favorite fun team is humility humility bat mercy… See how high you can get your stats


here is a troop setup for you, you could call it test your luck

valkyrie/justice/war/mercy banner +2 blue

i cast mercy (if extra turn), then valkyrie(trying to leave good amount of blue on board but filling justice). then i cast justice until war gets 100 or more attack. once he can one shot a troop i cast war and his spell gives extra turn. by that time all should have spell ready if you made yellow or red gems with justice.

keep in mind war only gets extra turn if spell kills

Very interesting thank you! although i don’t have War :confused:

Hey anyone have any good suggestions this week? :slight_smile:

Templar, The Devoted, Rowwane, Any last troop like Mab or Krys. Double Blue banner. I call it the blue comedy gold team. Although Templar needs atleast Water Link to be effective

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Lately, my fun team has been:
Bonnie Rose
Gog & Gud
Bonnie Rose

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