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Video: Best PvP Teams 2.1.5

Hello everyone! Today I go over some of the best teams in version 2.1.5 of Gems of War. Mechanic wise, not much has changed since than other than Blackhawk kingdom being present, the introduction of troops scaling off of resources, and the various event troops. Hero now also has 3 higher attack, 2 magic, 5 armor, and 5 HP more than before after level 250.



I watched this at 2x speed because I was in a hurry to get back to another thing that I have taking up valuable earspace.

Just have to say 2x speed Tacet is hilarious.

Also there are better things than Mantis for that slot in the Justice team. But now I’m a broken record. Oops.

There may be, but with each “Best Teams” video I like doing teams that weren’t possible in the previous version. The build you are referring to was available in 2.1 and doesn’t use anything that 2.1.5 added.

Otherwise most of the “Best Teams” videos would repeat half the teams.


This is true. I can see why you did that, then. Though Kraken also works well in that spot as well, and the only overlap is with Mab’s secondary color. And getting Mab full is far from a priority anyway.

God, that team will be terrifying if Kraken gets its original trait back before Guardians get nerfed

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