Until Bone Dragon gets re-adjusted


I know you’re joking but my bro @Zarashel has 136 in a row with Entangling Bones… I kid you not.

edit: oops I’m forgetting what thread I’m in… Ent Bones: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPR0Os_Uq_s)

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It’s a great team! Thanks so much for sharing it.

It really helps against bore dragon cheesers… Like… OMG!.. this one:

(Btw I totally beat your defence team with your suggested team :blush:)

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YOU BASTARD! Nice work :smiley:

I’m not mad you beat me, but that you shared my team. Goodbye ~70% win ratio once this gets out. That’s cool, now I get to dream up another Def team, and dreaming up teams is my favorite :smiley:

edit: BTW I suspect without being able to prove it that the reason this wins is not so much BD, but the THREAT of BD while under Entangle. It forces the player (having tested it myself) into a horrifying defense that seems to slip away the more you grasp at it.

edit2: Then again… is it possible people are targeting me just because they’ve heard the name and they wanna take a run? I know I used to go up against the heavy-hitters with name recog, and would get my posterior handed to me over and over lol

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Sorry bro, I redacted the other troops :grin: Not trying to salt anyone’s game here

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I played your team through about 40 matches last night (the Sphinx / IK / Alchemist / Terraxis one). Here are my observations.

On the positive side:

  1. It’s a dogged combination, with tricks up your sleeve at almost every corner. IK can often make 4-matches, and when he can’t, often Terraxis can set him up. When all else fails, you can Hail Mary with War Sphinx.
  2. Alchemist powering on a single Mana Surge gives the build a good jumpstart and nice disaster recovery.
  3. I haven’t helmed an Impervious troop in a long time, and it’s kind of a relief to not have to worry about him getting Frozen (espeically by BD), or Death Marked by Wraith and friends.
  4. I didn’t lose in 40 matches, during which I played anything that I came up against.
  5. I haven’t used War Sphinx since I put him before Alch / Valk / Banshee what feels like ten years ago now, it was kind of a refreshing reunion.

On the negative side (minor gripes only):

  1. War Sphinx has quite low health and is suceptible to true damage and piercing. He got one-shot by a Desdaemona in one fight, though that particular concern is probably restricted to this week. Still managed to win the match, but it was a slobber-knocker.
  2. I feel bad converting just about anything with Alchemist on this team aside from Purple. Blue? Removed potential for Terraxis. Red or Green? Removed potential for IK. Brown? Removed potential for both. So basically that leaves “Purple or compromise,” which isn’t the end of the world (since any single looper is optional here) but also not ideal.
  3. Matches have a potential to end very quickly, but often drag on for a while. It’s more like playing chess than thermonuclear war, which I really appreciate (I love me some looping teams!) but I’m not sure I’d go here when I need to spam wins.

Overall, it’s a very strong build, and it’s going into my rotation. Thanks so much for the suggestion!


Holy bleep!

Wow I can’t thank you enough for both your positive and negative feedback (I wouldn’t even call it negative just realities that you have observed and quite fairly pointed out), I love that because it other peoples’s perspective is where the real depth is found.

Just… thank you for :astonished: putting all that time :astonished: into a serious stress test :astonished: and thank you for taking the time to put your feedback together so thoughtfully! High five ! :grin: :joy: :hand_splayed:

edit: Also, one extremely valid point you raised:

And I couldn’t agree more! This is by no means the “tool for every job” !!

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I’m confused. Where are you people getting enemies with a meager 50 armor + health? (Since everyone is reporting that one hit from Terraxis and IK is killing whole teams off in a single turn.) All my enemies have a combined HP/Armor of around 120+ each. No way in hell that IK and Terraxis hit for combined 120+ each per in a single turn. What gives?

I wouldn’t say everybody’s reporting that. I think just a couple of players who are at their own level of progression as each individual player is. I’m in the 9,600+ team range and I get the foes with effective health definitely in the 120+++ range like you.

I am in the same power level as you and Krudler. And yes, if they get enough cascades they absolutely do do that much damage. It doesn’t happen all the often mind you but it is entirely possible.

The other aspect is that if you look at this build as Lyya put it more like “playing chess” then the most adept players will see opportunities to make multiple chains of skulls at the correct times and after careful manipulation. Skull spam for short-hand. Causing damage that scales higher, an order of magnitude higher, than any other source of damage in the game period end of discussion. The team works, but it needs to be played within a reasonable tolerance of it’s highest potential.

With this team there are still tons and tons of areas for me to max out my strategic opportunities. I have played the team literally over a hundred times and every time I make a mistake which is almost every match, I can see an opportunity where I went “wrong” and could have made a more optimal move. Lots and lots of learning for me to go here, I feel like I haven’t even started to explore the full depth of this team’s potential. I know this sounds like a bunch of hot air lol

I think the point is it’s killing the enemies without them having a turn once it starts looping. That’s effectively a single turn, if misleading.

I’ve tried the @KrudlerTheHorse team too and it’s not bad. I really share @lyya’s point that it’s hard to get good casts of say Alchemist without screwing the board for someone else. I also found it slow - although Alchemist can charge in one move, IK’s spell is expensive and not guaranteed to fill in one Alchemist cast…


If you’re looking for something similar to Krud’s build, but more nukey, here’s one of my favorite builds:

Hero (Archer***/Mang)
Giant Spider*
Green Seer
Forest Guardian (*** helps, not needed)

Green/Green banner

Forest Guardian’s third trait will help Giant Spider fill faster to start, so if you have it, try to fill Spider first; otherwise go for either Spider or Seer. Ignore Red and Brown matches unless they’re 4- or 5-matches; ignore Mang if it powers*. Loop Giant Spider and Green Seer until Forest Guardian fills; then, once it becomes opportune to do so:

  • Fill Giant Spider;
  • Cast Giant Spider on Green! to fill Green Seer and to fill the board with mostly Purple and Skulls;
  • Cast Forest Guardian and watch the whole screen spam Skulls;
  • When the dust clears, there is almost always an opportunity for Green Seer to get the ball rolling again with the incidental Green gems converted from Brown.

Between Archer’s third trait causing 15% of skull hits to be incidentally lethal and the crazy amount of Skulls created, even Gorgotha succumbs pretty quickly. Because the Hero doesn’t overlap colors, and because Forest Guardian creates opportunities for Green/Brown 4-matches, a Frozen Hero (Bone Dragon) isn’t a big deal either. As usual with teams of this type, the Achilles’ Heel is Mab. (And unlike Gard teams, there’s no Mercy to fix your Frozen allies.) But once the ball gets rolling, this team will steamroll the competition, and should not in most cases surrender control. In case the Hero does die, Giant Spider will create a Red replacement that still won’t block mana or cause a problem if Frozen, it’ll just take longer because of the reduced Attack.

* If Hero fills, don’t bother casting unless you’re at a rare standstill, or the opponent’s baited for Skulls and you’re willing to take a hit (or Green Seer entangled the lead troop). Casting Mang will make the Hero even more lethal, of course.


Hi @KrudlerTheHorse, I’ve tried your War Sphinx deck and my impression was pretty much same as what Lyya said. It’s good looping deck and it’s fun to play! It’s gonna be in my PvP team rotation.

I also tried some other troop, like Plague in place of War Sphinx and Goblin Rocket or Moloch in place of Terraxis. Plague, because particularly this week daemon is buffed. Also since this deck can loop so often, it would benefit from Aspect of Plague and Suppression. Also quite often I managed to get Plague filled and cast, and his virulence trait made him more deadly when dealing skull damage.

About Terraxis on the last spot, often time I didn’t have chance to cast him. Either because of the game has ended or because there’s no blue-brown that can make 4/5 matches since I mostly convert blue and purple to yellow. That’s why I tried Goblin Rocket and Moloch in his place. Both also have fire link which is essential in this deck. Goblin Rocket could be a decent board controller too while gain a bit mana and deal some damage. Moloch mana drain could sometime be a life saver. Also I loved it when I suppressed enemy to death. XD

Pardon the quality of video. Played and recorded it on phone as I was on the road.


Please tell me you were not driving while “on the road”… xD

I’ve been using this:

Its less of a “loop” and more of a one long chain, but it has safeguards against getting cheesed early (summoner, immortal trait), fast generation, and absolutely brutal amounts of damage, especially this week. The Ragnagord/Krystenax/Terrax combo works as an AoE trio with any purple troop up front that doesn’t excessively block the others (kraken, spirit fox) but Infernal King makes it a one-cycle most of the time if he doesnt get cheesed.

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Um… I love Lyya and I deeply value her opinion… that said IMO this was a mis-placed “negative” of hers. To me, having near-infinite possibilities is the joy of this team. Skill == victory.

edit: If you’re not sure, the base-line priorities for an Alch transform are: Purple > Red > Blue (plus your own judgement ofc). And generally speaking should you need to prioritize one color over another you would look to the bottom of the board to think about what you needs clearing and what causes skull–cascades.

k[quote=“KrudlerTheHorse, post:1, topic:19303”]
War SphinxInfernal KingAlchemist <<<— CHARGE MY MANA FIRSTTerraxis

Just to say this is now a perma team for me - 100% success, great fun and an alternative to sylvan/ mabs when there’s a webber or a death marker at the top.
I changed out War Sphinx for War Goat (also imperv) as it allows purples to go straight to IK.

The name of my team ?
Kruds Looper

Thanks for sharing :smile::+1:


Thanks a million :smiley:

You can also put Webspinner (Lethal Toxin and Greeeeeeeeeeeeen spam for IK), Manticore, Treant and other’s up front if you don’t need to counter on-hit status effects.


I also like

Satyr musician
Dragon soul

I finally did a video explaining the team headed by War Sphinx because it can be pretty hard to intuit what the intended play style is. It is over here :: "Joker's Wild" Ultra Board Control Team -- PC | Mobile | Console