Until Bone Dragon gets re-adjusted

EDIT: Per the title, these are anti- Bone Dragon teams meant to counter the same ten cheese teams you see over and again in end-game. These are NOT general-purpose PvP teams, except the IK team which is insanity, but requires a deft touch.

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Creeping Death / Morthani’s Scythe (Sorcerer Class)
Giant Spider


Dire Wolf
Shadow Dragon
Giant Spider

The only traits you need are the two Magic Link traits. So no complaining that you can’t do this!

Dragon Banner, 3-match Red = win

Before trying to use this team know this: You can almost always win in one or two turns, but you have to know your s**t - Not for n00bs or the faint of heart.

War Sphinx
Infernal King

Fire Link Traits mandatory.

^ This build is a double-barrelled shotgun.

If you aren’t adept at the finer points of board control/transform you are just as likely to blow your own head off as your foes. If not sure, try this team down the road.


By the way, if you want to get the extra glory this week, you can put Incubus at the top of the Valkyrie / Justice / Mab (or Sylvanimora) stack. He is immune to Death Mark so the Wraith / Bone Dragon cheese doesn’t work on him.


I hate that team more than anything you could know. Control, not random insanity is the key IMO!

Or at the very least that’s my play style :slight_smile:

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How about one for Kerberos or The Cheese… (cough) The Soul Dragon? I can’t stand them two. I’m on PS4 but I’m pretty sure the same principal apply.

If you play it right, there’s no randomness. Very rarely do I lose my turn with the Valk / Justice combo but I’m also very judicious about when to cast Justice.

All cards that add gems are random.

When they add 7-9 sure. When they add 15 of TWO colors, the chances of losing your turn are pretty small unless you’re casting it whenever you feel like it. You have to play the board.

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I don’t play PS4 and the game builds are a little different… what’s the cheese team there? I’ll see if I can pony-up an idea or two for you.

Yeah yeah. Still random.

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My 45-second wins say otherwise. :wink:

Whatever. I’m not going to argue that the sky is blue when we can all see that it’s objectively blue.

Your anecdote doesn’t support anything - You can crank out any win in any time with any team.

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It’s just a shame that there’s zero variety. Not only is every defend team I face Bone Dragon, the fact that it is like that FORCES me to use a counter team. I can’t enjoy say, this week’s Demon Summoning event unless I want to play meaningless explores…

What’s your point?

I said I very rarely lose my turn when casting Justice, are you suggesting that I’m making that up?

I see you edited your post.

You’re saying ti’s not random. You’re wrong. Period.

What is the point you want me to concede? That sometimes you win quickly with your team and you like them? Fine.

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No, I’m not saying it’s not technically random, of course it is. You make it sound like it’s some big huge risk and it’s simply not. It works every bit as well as a true loop transform team and the matches take half as long.

Not sure how you can say that when almost every cast of Justice is a spill, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

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Because 90% of MY casts with Justice result in extra turns.

What would you like from me here?

Your team is fine. Use it.

Hey you’re the one that got all bent out of shape. You said you didn’t like the team because of the “random insanity”. I’ve used that team for the last 3 weeks with the event troop at the top - 1000’s of matches. It’s highly predictable and not risky at all. Unless of course you believe as I said before that I’m making it up.

I’m not bent out of shape, but if you’re going to say wrong things I’m going to let you know that lol

Happy to talk about other things, this will by my last reply to you on this issue.

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