I need some suggestions! Or some little help D:

Hey, I’ve been having trouble. Finding a good solid team, trying to avoid bone dragons as much as possible. I don’t have much traited, nor a lot of mythics yet. Level 700, I use some dragon soul teams as of right now. But, would like a little more help finding some descent teams.

Check out this thread for some ideas


Hey Thanks!

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Biggest counter to BD teams is Entangle. Sylvanimora with full traits is good for that, otherwise something else with an Entangling move.

Failing that, good old Maw+Mercy can beat it to the punch sometimes…


Fight BD with BD. Whoever gets to 14 first win.


Personally don’t like using it cause I hate it so much, but I have that trait, I think I found a descent team :smiley:

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If you create an account on ashtender.com/gems then check out the My Collection page, there you can create a Permalink which you may share with us here so we can see your full stable of Troops. That will help :slight_smile:

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i personally use
dragon monk krystenax sylvanimora dragon soul +abysmal

but i think quite effective is also @KrudlerTheHorse 's deck :

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Hey thanks! I hope this worked, i linked my account! https://ashtender.com/gems/collection

thats not the permalink you want, if that is the link you get for clicking permalink thing then you need to ask @Lyya to fix it for you

here is how a bug looks like:

this is how correct permalink suppose to look like:

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Okay, i’ll try to find this. Thank you, (fairly new to all of this) so thank you again!

Where do you find this permalink?

Create your account on ashtender.com

Then visit http://ashtender.com/gems/collection which is YOUR PERSONAL collection of troops. Only YOU can see it, you still need to get the Permalink to share with others so they can see too.

From the My Collection page, click the Tools menu, then the “Get Permalink” item from the drop-down menu


Got it, http://ashtender.com/gems/collection/8f2a5f94eb156fe135520da951e54ebc

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