GvG Team Builds

Paragon, Bracket 187

Because when I was starting a year ago, I wished someone would have done something like this.

Feel free to add your builds at will, preferably including the score achieved and the relevant bracket



Score 9569

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Score 9616

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It’s great that you’re doing this for the community, cheers!

I never woulda guessed that the brown team would’ve outperformed the blue team, doesn’t your score get dinged for looping explosions repeatedly?

I also found it interesting that you used the mono-color banners for both days, I tend not to use them unless I have a generator of that specific color in the lineup. I might’ve considered the Guardian banner (to guarantee the explosions keep coming) on brown day, though it may not make any difference with MCs brown storm?

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Counterintuitive indeed: first day opponent guild had tougher cookies, and Behemoth was particularly inspired in a couple of battles on second day, so that might be part of the reason. :thinking:

Couldn’t find any banner that gave me ++ to the day’s color, and - to one of my unused colors in either day, so went with the main color focus as a safer bet. :sweat_smile:



Score 9719

Forgot to choose a proper banner on that one :man_facepalming:

Silverglade’s Unicorn Banner should have been up :sweat_smile:


Off to the races with that team, nice. I bet it works really well on defense too.

Did you run into any tricky defense teams? Defenses were probably too busy trying to deny purple to deal with the yellow-based skull attack.

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I was actually disappointed that I couldn’t come up with anything nicer than the rabbit and leprechaun mana clash, but turned out that either ishbaala or rabbit had a 4-match latest by turn 3, and doomed scythe took over after that (Thief’s Dusk Aura was on)

No exceedingly tricky opponents, thus the lucky score: it also helps that defenders still seem to think that 3 Cedric medals are a good idea. :stuck_out_tongue::vulcan_salute:


Score 9614

Leprechaun being empowered definitely takes the sting out of being mana blocked on that team.

I think 3 Cedric medals are still pretty good in most cases. If your defense team is based on looping (e.g. a Rope Dart team, Jar of Eyes team, Yao-Titania, etc), I don’t think you have a better option, to make the team more resistant to freeze/entangle.

Nice job on the yellow team. I tend not to run Divinia with Ishbaala, because you have to be pretty careful with your Ishbaala casts not to screw the team over (by converting away all the red). Maybe that’s less of an issue, with Doomed Axe resetting the board on each cast?

I’ve been leaning towards 2 Cedric and 1 Anu, with certain exceptions, but when my team does not inflict any effect I am glad the opponent has as many Cedric as he can :stuck_out_tongue:

Ishbaala did well again: it didn’t hurt that Priest class is maxed :relaxed: :vulcan_salute:

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Score 9675


Score 9560

Are you finding the 20% mana that impactful? The tradeoff is murky; on average you will take 1 more turn to cleanse running 2 Cedrics vs 3.

(Hope you don’t mind my commentary on your teams; just kind of spitting out my gut reactions on what I’d do with the troop combos you are listing.)

Red team: Why run tidecaller for that team, instead of sunspear? I find Infernus to be far more consistent with a storm going.

Green team: cool build. I like that it features Avelorn more prominently.

It has noticeably accelerated my heavier builds, such as Scorpius and Xathenos: it also allows the new Goblin Meta to have Gobtruffle and friends that much closer to that first cast which usually equates game over, and since the opponent no longer gets a turn, there’s not much need to cleanse myself :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:

Quite the opposite: I learn through every exchange:metal:

The opponent was a non-guild, and kinda phoned it in: wanted an Exploder, and couldn’t be bothered to go to the Titan’s talent tree to change the Brown Storm talent to something else :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:

Avelorn was there primarily to summon, because all opponents casted Deathmark at the start of the battle, so it saved me some points the one time my troop got killed :sweat_smile::vulcan_salute:

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Cool; some people are sensitive about the teams they come up with. I appreciate you putting your stuff out there, definitely gets me thinking.

Re: Avelorn, thats interesting. I’m kind of naive on GW scoring, do you get penalized less for ally death if you summon replacement troops?

Also confirms that stupid deathmark tactics are alive and well in competitive modes across platforms. Stuff like that makes me grateful for the Cedric medals.

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We all are to a certain degree, since the policy is to keep us in the dark of specific details :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:
I am currently running on the assumption that it helps to resummon, because the few times I managed to refill a slot I didn’t notice a significant dip in points :crossed_fingers:

Unreasonable indeed to provide such unnecessary RNG-heavy elements to something that is meant to be competitive, but since I have little love for GvG, hakuna matata :stuck_out_tongue::vulcan_salute: